Santorini to Milos | Best Way to Get From Santorini to Milos

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Discover the best way to get from Santorini to Milos!

Santorini and Milos are two stunning Greek islands that are part of The Cyclades island group on the Aegean Sea. They are very different but amazing in their own way.

Santorini is great for romantic getaways, iconic landscape views, and an air of luxury. While Milos is home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, charming fishing villages, and an untouched vibe.

If you find yourself venturing to the stunning greek island of Santorini and want to uncover the best way to move from this island to the mystical island of Milos, then keep reading!

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Best Way to Get From Santorini to Milos


Santorini to Milos: By Ferry

The most popular, convenient, and cheapest way to get from Santorini to Milos is by ferry!

During the summer season, there are multiple ferry crossings every day, and still crossings throughout the week during the off-season. Prices range from €20 to €100 depending on the season, time, and availability.

Be sure to book your tickets as far in advance as possible on Ferry Hopper. The further in advance you book the more likely you are to get a better price.

You can expect your journey to be anywhere from 2.5 hours to 6 hours long depending on the type of ferry you choose. Where slower ferries are often much cheaper than fast ones.

Santorini to Milos: By Plane

Taking a plane from Santorini to Milos is another way to get between the islands. However, there is no direct flight so you will likely layover in Athens.

There are a few flights a week where you can reach Milos within 6 hours.

Santorini to Milos: By Boat Charter

Charting your own boat is the most expensive way to get from Santorini to Milos but easily the most fun. With your own boat, you can enjoy a more exciting way of travelling between the islands and have a few hours of island hopping.