Sarakiniko Beach: Best Beach in Milos, Greece

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Sarakiniko Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Milos and one of the most beautiful in the entire world. Discover everything you need to know about this amazing beach today!

While touring the stunning island of Milos visitors cannot miss the wonder that is Sarakiniko Beach. This beach is one of the most otherworldly places where you feel as though you’ve left the earth and landed on the moon.

The bright white volcanic rock with its wave-like patterns made from hundreds of years of wind is like nothing else. Spending a day here is a bucket list experience you will not want to miss.

Immerse yourself in Sarakiniko Beach and use this guide to prepare yourself for an experience like no other.

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Sarakiniko Beach Guide

Sarakiniko Beach
Sarakiniko Beach

What is Sarakiniko Beach

Sarakiniko Beach is Milos’ most famous beach located on the north shore of the island. The beach is mainly made up of white volcanic rocks that are shaped in wave-like ways due to how the wind how blown over time.

This beach is often called the moon beach because of its Lunar landscape that is incredibly unique and different.

Sarakiniko is a beach like no other on earth and many people come here to explore the rocks rather than swim. However, there is a small area of sand where you can walk into the water and swim around while admiring the rocks all around.

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How to get to Sarakiniko Beach

Sarakiniko Beach is only reachable by scooter, car or by foot. There is a parking lot up the hill from the base of the beach where you can park and from there you will walk down to the beach itself. If you rent a vehicle, parking is free, or you can take a taxi if this suits your travel needs better.

Sarakiniko Beach

Tips for Visiting Sarakiniko Beach

Below are some of the top tips for visiting Sarakiniko Beach.

  • Wear & bring sun protection: In the middle of the day there is virtually no shade on this beach so ensuring you have an umbrella and are wearing sunscreen is imperative to stay safe in the scorching sun.
  • Go early in the morning: If you want to avoid the crowds and enjoy this beach without the super hot sun, then arriving early in the morning is your best bet.
  • It is great for sunrise and sunset: Both sunrise and sunset are stunning on Sarakiniko beach. Head here to enjoy mother Nature’s most magical show.
  • Wear sturdy shoes: The terrain is made up of small loose rocks so having some sturdy shoes is a good idea to prevent slipping.
  • Bring water shoes: Water shoes are a must if you want to go swimming. The water here is full of small rocks that will hurt your feet without water shoes.
Sarakiniko Beach during sunset
Sarakiniko Beach during sunset

Where to Stay Near Sarakiniko Beach

There are plenty of stunning boutique hotels and villas near Sarakiniko Beach that are ideal if you want to maximize your time near this beach.

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