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  1. I’ll be honest, I had no idea what ‘snowshoeing’ was until reading this. I’d be up for a bit of snowshoeing in the Canadian rockies – what an experience! But before that, I’ve always wanted to ice skate on a frozen lake, so that’d be number one on my Banff winter bucket list for sure. Following that, I’d be heading to those hot springs. Bliss.

  2. First of all, I love all of your pictures and how white all of Banff looks! Truly amazing. Darcee & I went to Banff during the summer and it was amazing but as a girl from Wyoming, I am sure she would absolutely love some of these things to do in Banff in the winter! She has always said that she wanted to take a horse-drawn sleigh in the Yellowstone Elk Refuge. So, I can only imagine she would love a horse-drawn sleigh around around Lake Louise too!
    For me, I hate the cold unless I am doing something active, so sign me up for Ice Skating, Ice Climbing, and even the Dog sledding sounds pretty epic!

  3. We’ve only ever visited Banff in summer but I’d love to explore in winter. Skating, taking the Sulphur Mountain Gondola and of course skiing would be amazing in such a picturesque spot!

  4. I LOVE Banff! But I’ve only ever been in the summer – winter would be such a dream! I definitely want to go dog sledding, and ice skating on Lake Louise is so iconic. Yep, this definitely makes me want to go back when there’s snow on the ground.

  5. Banff is on a lot of people’s radars because it’s such a beautiful place. I was impressed with the amount of activities on offer and would happily do most of they (except skiing). The surrounding lakes are amazing and I’d definitely want to visit the hot springs and try dog sledding. Great article

  6. Banff looks like one of the best places to spend winter – so many great things to do! I love snowshoeing I got really into it last winter and of course a soak in the hot springs after would be perfect.

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