10 Best Venice Beaches | Venice, Italy Beach Guide

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Combine culture and sunbathing on your trip to Venice with these 10 best Venice beaches.

Venice is one of the very few cities that is on everyone’s bucket list. Its architecture, romance, and cultural life are what make it such a special travel destination. But it is not just that, it is also the beaches of Venice Italy that lure and attract people from all around the world.

Many people visit Venice unaware of the many beautiful Italian beaches very near to this romantic city. It is a shame to miss such stunning beaches which aim to create the ultimate travel getaway filled with culture, relaxation and something unique.

If you travel to Venice to uncover cultural treasures and meet up with fellow art lovers, there are at least ten beaches in Italy Venice that you can’t miss. 

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10 Best Venice Beaches

Lido di Jesolo

View from Lido di Jesolo beach near Vanice, Italy

Lido di Jesolo is the most popular beach nearby Venice. In the summer months, you will find the beach full of people enjoying the sun from sunbeds and swimming in the warm water. It is a great beach for all kinds of travellers, especially families. You can also find plenty of resorts and accommodations lining the beach if you are craving a beach side getaway nearby Venice.

Cavallino Beach

  • Type of Beach: Public
Beach with blue umbrellas and sand

The most impressive Venice Italy beach is Cavallino. 15 Kilometres of pristine beach sand is where you can see for yourself that a trip to Venice can also mean great swimming and sun-bathing. If most people go to the neighbouring Lido Island, Cavallino is a more tranquil spot to escape it all. Apart from great sands, and limpid highly swimmable waters, it offers a lot of under-visited landmarks making it a perfect day trip destination to visit from Venice. 

Especially worth a visit are its two tiny villages Treporti and Ca’ Vio, but also Cavallino’s good selection of bars, shopping and restaurants, and the fishing areas where fishing is done according to the time-tested Venetian methods. 

Paradise Beach 

  • Type of Beach: Private

If you are willing to take some rest from the cultural bonanza of Venice head to Paradise Beach, one of the best beaches of Venice Italy, and a great place to enjoy yourself on a sunny day. Here it is much more calm and relaxed. If Venice is known as the place where all culture & art buffs go, Paradise Beach like the rest of Lido is a laid-back resort some half-an-hour boat ride from Venice’s downtown, where those enamoured of art life come to splash around in the sea. 


  • Type of Beach: Public
Sunrise Landscape of the beach of Sottomarina in northen Italy

Another great destination to go sunbathing from Venice is Sottomarina. Located on a peninsula not far away from Venice it is known as a great spot for a weekend get-away with its sands dotted with comfortable sun loungers for rent and lined by chilled night bars and romantic accommodation. 

It is also one of the best beaches of Venice Italy to visit in Venice with kids thanks to its slides and pools at Bagni Europa Acquaparco Idrofollie water park; picture-perfect beach restaurants, bike rentals, and seaside bike path to the nearby town of Chioggia, known as Little Venice for its canals and architecture. All in all, Sottomarina is an often overlooked but highly valuable jewel in the treasure trove of beaches in Italy Venice.

Santa Cristina

  • Type of Beach: Private

For those seeking out something truly unique head to the private island of Santa Cristina, known for being one of the best beaches of Venice Italy. Located in Venice’s northern lagoon it is really the best Venice Italy beach to commune with nature and the sea, enjoy utmost privacy, and delight in the unmatched romance of the surroundings.

The island is a former Swarowski family property featuring its own private beach, a stunning pool, and an outdoor lounge for those that love to gaze at the sea from a distance. Also, the island offers its own vineyards, gardens rich with fragrant bloom where wild peacocks and grouse dwell.

Blue Moon

  • Type of Beach: Private
Blue Moon beach, Lido, Venice

Blue Moon Beach is one of the best beaches in Venice Italy. Located on Lido, the barrier island protecting Venice, it has been known as one of the most pretty beaches on the Adriatic Sea since the 19th century. It is home to the world-famous Biennale International Film Festival, the world’s oldest and is one of the great examples of how you can combine great nature and a lot of cultures when travelling to Venice. 

Note that it is not just warm sand, tender sun and azure sea, it is also a great choice of hotels and restaurants, making Blue Moon truly one of the best beaches of Venice Italy. 

Pachuka Beach Club

  • Type of Beach: Private

One of the best beaches of Venice Italy to visit delight in the sea and enjoy great food in good company is Pachuka Beach Club. Located on Lido Island, it is a great spot to have a family get-together, meet with friends, or watch the waves breaking on the white sand in perfect solitude. 

Note that the sand at Pachuka Beach Club is highly conducive to siesta sun-basking or even morning beach-strolling so head here right after breakfast to make the most out of a day on one of the best beaches of Venice Italy. 

Lungomare d’Annunzio

  • Type of Beach: Public
Large pebble beach in Italy

Lungomare d’Annunzio is arguably the most popular Venice Italy beach. The public beach is a vast stretch of sand and is a great place to rent sunbeds, umbrellas and take pleasure in crisp beers right at the water edge. Also note that the beach is located close to Lido’s city center, and is a great place to find accommodation at Lido. 

Isola delle Rose

  • Type of Beach: Private

One of the best private beaches of Venice Italy is Isola Delle Rose. Situated just a 30 minutes ride away from San Marco this paradisiac spot was rehabilitated by JW Marriot, adding a Michelin restaurant and a stand-out spa. Travel to Isola delle Rose to take pleasure in its nature, the utmost luxury of the island, and arguably Venice’s best swimming areas.

Rosolina Mare

  • Type of Beach: Public
Large sandy beach in Venice

Located just south of Chioggia, Rosolina Mare is a wide and long Venice Italy beach with few people and great waves. Come here to enjoy the pristine nature of the Venetto and enjoy the clear waters of Rosolina Mare, one of the best beaches of Venice Italy. 


  • Type of Beach: Private
Beach at Island Albarella Italy in morning sun

From Rosolina Mare you can cycle down to Albarella, a splendid poplar-covered private island and sanctuary known for great diving and sailing excursions. What is more, it is also almost car-free and features Europe’s largest salt-water pool. 

Note that only a guest of Albarella Golf Hotel can visit the island’s pristine beaches. 

Where To Stay in Venice


These are some of the best beaches in Venice for the perfect beach getaway after exploring the wonderful city of Venice.

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