10 Best Places to do Yoga in Amsterdam

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Looking for the best places to do yoga in Amsterdam? 

You’re not alone. For anyone living in such a vibrant and busy city like Amsterdam, finding the time and space to wind down is crucial. However, in a city where yoga has skyrocketed in popularity and with new yoga studios popping up here and there, choosing the right yoga studio can become a bit of a dilemma. 

Not everyone has the time to be studio-hopping searching for the best fit, so if you want to avoid the hassle (or even heartbreak) of a disappointing yoga experience, just keep on reading and discover the 10 best places to do yoga in Amsterdam.

All are ranked according to factors such as price, location, facilities, and the variety offered across different yoga classes and modalities. 

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10 Best Places to Do Yoga in Amsterdam

The White Door Studio 

  • ClassPass: between 6-9 credits. 
  • Location: Amsterdam West
  • Facilities: Showers, locker rooms, and all props provided – from yoga mats to blocks, cushions, bolsters and more. 
  • Yoga Modalities: Circular breathing, aromatherapy, acupressure, nourishing yin, healing & restorative yoga, yoga nidra, omni vinyasa, balancing yin-yang & more.
  • Best for: Relaxation, deepening your yoga practice and understanding of your body.
The White Door Studio, yoga studio in Amsterdam
The White Door Studio, yoga studio in Amsterdam

Stepping into The White Door Studio is like entering a realm of calm and serenity. With incredible attention to detail, both its friendly hosts and its light-flooded white lounge will make you feel at home and help you take a break from the busyness of the external world. 

From all the best places to do yoga in Amsterdam, The White Door Studio probably stands out most for the quality of its teacher force. Highly experienced instructors, who will guide you beyond just the physical practice, and who are specialized in different types of yoga, pilates, or even breathing techniques.  

With the average price per class being 16€, their rates fall within your usual Amsterdam yoga studio. However, they offer a great introduction deal for only 22€ which includes 3 classes. Worth checking out? View this deal and other membership prices here

Hot tip / personal favorite: Lean into the power of play with Tash Richards or get your energy flowing in Cris Hettinga’s vinyasa classes. 

Fun fact: You can also rent this beautiful studio for photoshoots or attend one of their unique cacao ceremonies

All in all, The White Door Studio is a home for everything that makes you happy and brings you into balance. It is definitely, a great place to start when looking for the best places to do yoga in Amsterdam.   


  • ClassPass: 8 credits
  • Location: Rozengracht, Linnaeusstraat, Hoofdweg, Kaatstraat, Oudegracht. 
  • Facilities: Showers, locker rooms, mats and towels provided. 
  • Yoga Modalities: Hot fusion, Hot flow, Vinyasa, Core Power, Barre, Booty & Core, Equal Yin & more.
  • Best for: Gaining body strength, detoxification (mind & body) & boosting your energy levels. 

If you’re looking to sweat all your stress out EQUAL yoga is the place to be. Get ready for fun and dynamic hot yoga classes that will strengthen and tone your body while helping you get rid of any stagnant energy. 

Among the best places to do yoga in Amsterdam, EQUAL Yoga is definitely one of the most popular locations. The particularity of hot yoga is that rooms are heated by infrared panels, which helps your body muscles soften and relax for improved flexibility. 

You’ll still end up feeling relaxed when you finally melt into savasana by the end of the session, but these classes will have you sweating and pushing the limits of your body before you get there.

You’ll leave with a clear head, a little sweaty, and fully energized! 

EQUAL yoga’s single class passes start from 16€, but for all first-timers, they’ve got a bargain deal of 15€ for your 3 first classes. You really don’t have many excuses left to not give it a try. View their full pricing list and check all of their different offers here

Hot tip/ personal favorite: 45 min. flow with Ramon. Best way to start your morning and get you energized for the day. 

Studio Balance

  • ClassPass: Between 4-6 credits
  • Location: Rivierenbuurt area.
  • Facilities: Showers, locker rooms, mats, and towels are provided. 
  • Yoga Modalities: All levels vinyasa, pre & post-natal yoga, ashtanga yoga, restorative yoga, yin yoga, yoga nidra, kundalini yoga, meditation, creative flow, breathwork and so much more.
  • Best for: Regaining balance, diving deeper into your spiritual practice, and working through mental or physical blocks. 

Its beautiful spacious studio, teachers’ professionalism, and all-around good vibes definitely make this studio one of the best places to do yoga in Amsterdam. 

At Studio Balance all classes are taught in English and all levels are welcome.  They’ve got over 15 different classes (which vary from very physical to more mindful classes) ranging from yoga, barre, pilates, or even eccentrics (a full body workout that draws from ballet, Tai Chi, and physiotherapy). Basically, your workout never gets boring! 

Price-wise, although their 3-class introduction package is slightly pricier than the previous studios mentioned (25€), their drop-in-one-class fee is only 13€. Furthermore, if you’re a student you can get them even cheaper, just 8,90€ a class. Check out all membership packages here. 

All in all, a great studio for anyone who’s looking to (re)balance their lifestyle and tune out from their busy day. 

The Cosmos West

  • ClassPass: 8 credits
  • Location: Amsterdam Oud-West.
  • Facilities: All yoga props are provided. 
  • Yoga Modalities: Power Pilates, Power Yoga, Cosmic Pilates, Cosmic Vinyasa, Moon Yoga (restorative), Chakra Yoga & more.
  • Best for: Diving deeper into your spiritual practice and reconnecting with yourself.  
The Cosmos West, yoga studio in Amsterdam
The Cosmos West, yoga studio in Amsterdam

Drop into The Cosmos’ yoga & pilates studio for any of their many classes and leave feeling lighter and clear-headed. 

If you consider yourself someone with a heightened sense of spirituality, and who strives to be connected and aligned to ‘the cosmos’, this can be one of the best places to do yoga in Amsterdam for you. 

An incredibly cozy studio that exudes a calming, warm atmosphere and invites you, through different practices and ancient knowledge, to honor your energy by tuning out from the outside world and re-connecting with yourself instead.  

The cost of a single-class card falls within the average range of 15€, but they’ve also got great package deals going on, which you can check here

In short, if you’re looking for one of the best places to do yoga in Amsterdam, then The Cosmos is a must-try. 

Fun fact: Bring the club to your mat by attending one of their fun Deep House Yoga sessions, which will have you moving through a series of flows to boost your energy, build strength, and turn up the internal heat to the beat of Deep House. 

Hot tip/ personal favorite: 75 min. Chakra Yoga with Carmen.

Movements Yoga

  • ClassPass: 8 credits
  • Location: City, Vondelpark, Haarlem. 
  • Facilities: All yoga props, showers & locker rooms are available.
  • Yoga Modalities: Hot C, Hot Flow, Hot Pilates.
  • Best for: Reducing stress, improving core strength & flexibility while burning calories.

Discovering Movements Yoga is like discovering a hidden sanctuary in the heart of the city. A ‘cool’ yet spiritual hot yoga studio that welcomes all levels into their climatized classrooms. 

Your very first hot yoga class is likely to be challenging, but after a couple of lessons, your body will adjust to the room temperature and will start reaping the benefits of the heat such as gradually softening and allowing you to get deeper into each of the asanas or postures. 

Ready to deepen and intensify your yoga practice? You can book a trial class for only 5€. Once you’re no longer a first-timer, a single class card will cost you 20€. You can take a look at their full pricing list over here. 

All in all, this studio is a favorite when it comes to releasing stress and letting all worries melt away while getting a fun workout in. 

The Conscious Club

  • ClassPass: 7-8 credits
  • Location: Westergas (Amsterdam West) 
  • Facilities: TCC offers everything you need for every journey and ceremony (including bolsters, mats, blocks, cushions or blankets – btw: all of their equipment is eco-friendly!).
  • Yoga Modalities: Yoga, Meditation, Breath Work, Sound Journeys, Dance Journeys.
  • Best for: Establishing a calm mind & creating body awareness. 
The Conscious Club, yoga club in Amsterdam

This woman-owned studio in the middle of a beautifully remodeled warehouse provides an inspiring environment for the body, mind, and spirit. 

Although The Conscious Club does offer yoga practice classes, their core specialty, and where they truly stand out, is their sacred ceremonies and breathwork workshops, such as Sacred Cacao Ceremony, New Moon Healing Circle or Vision Quest XL (you can discover more about their ceremonies here). 

The Conscious Club can be one of the best places to do yoga in Amsterdam if you’re looking to go beyond just the physical practice and tap into the power of calming your mind through a mix of yoga, dance, meditation, breath work or sound healing. 

Prices can vary depending on each type of ceremony, but a single-time ticket is currently 15,95€. In addition, you can also get video-on-demand access for 5€ (for a one-week trial) or for 37,50€ (for a full month). If you’re interested in checking all of their pricing packages you can head onto this page


  • ClassPass: 5-9 credits
  • Location: Oost, Centrum, West & Haarlem.  
  • Facilities: All yoga props provided. 
  • Yoga Modalities: Ashtanga, Breathwork, Meditation, Hormone Yoga, Pilates, Barre, Booty, Core, Restorative Yoga, Vinyasa & more.
  • Best for: Tuning in with yourself, heightening your consciousness & reducing anxiety.

Speaking of woman-owned studios… meet Bluebirds. a resting-point for all those travellers who love to escape and go abroad for yoga and meditation but who also, from time to time, want to find that same stillness within the buzz of their own city. 

If a little piece of quiet amidst your hectic daily rhythm is what you’re looking for, you can be sure to find it at Bluebirds’ nest. Try a single lesson for 15€ or 3 of them for 25€ and explore some very niche and unique class modalities available such as hormone yoga. 

Fun fact: You can also contact them for nutritional advice, massage, physio, acupuncture or coaching among many other services within the wellness realm. 

Beautiful Yoga

  • ClassPass: 5-7 credits
  • Location: Amstel (next to the Magere Burg).  
  • Facilities: All yoga props provided. 
  • Yoga Modalities: Vinyasa, Yin Yoga, Aromatherapy, Sun Rituals, Wellbeing rituals & Relax Rituals.
  • Best for: Connecting with your inner self, & working on your mind-body alignment. 

If holistic and authentic is what you’re looking for, you’ll enjoy what Beautiful Yoga has in store for you: ritualistic practices based on the very root origins of yoga which bring all of your senses out to play. 

Through physical movement, sound, spiritual inspiration, essential oils, breathing, and immersive experiences that blend authentic yoga and modern well-being practices, Beautiful Yoga helps you cultivate your inner well-being by focusing on the body – mind – soul connection. 

If you’d like to give this studio a try and see for yourself, you’re better off purchasing the current 25€ deal, which gives you access to 1 week of unlimited classes, rather than the single-class ticket for 20€. For more information on their membership prices, check out this page

Hot tip/ personal favorite: Beautiful Yoga Ritual with Marta Martini, which combines vinyasa, yin, and aromatherapy. 

Rasalila (aerial yoga)

  • ClassPass: 6-11 credits
  • Location: Oud-West
  • Facilities: All yoga props provided. 
  • Yoga Modalities: Aerial Yoga, Mystical Yoga, Pole Dancing, Burlesque Dancing & more.
  • Best for: Exploring movement beyond your comfort zone & improving coordination. 

Now here’s where it gets interesting. If what you’re looking for is new challenging experiences, Rasalila is definitely one of the best places to do yoga in Amsterdam. 

But not just any kind of yoga. It offers fun and playful classes that are slightly different from your usual yoga catalogue, targeted at those who love to discover, connect and play. 

With classes such as Aerial Hoop, Aerial Dance, Aerial Hammock Play, Aerial Yoni Meditation or Aerial Yoga, Rasalila helps you work on your body strength, flexibility and acrobatics. 

Fun Fact: In addition to their yoga lessons, this studio also offers fun and dynamic classes to improve coordination and movement such as Pole Dancing, Burlesque Dancing, or something as unique as Tantric Twerk. Never a dull workout! 

Pricing-wise, first-timers can get an intro online class for only 5€, a 14-day unlimited intro pass for 27,50€, or a full introductory month of unlimited classes for just 48,50€. If you’d like to see more information on their pricing you can check out all their membership options here

De Nieuwe Yogaschool

  • ClassPass: 5-9 credits. 
  • Location: Amsterdam West. 
  • Facilities: Showers, locker rooms and all yoga props available.  
  • Yoga Modalities: Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Pilates, Circular Breathing, Yin Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Meditation & more.
  • Best for: Expanding your yoga practice & knowledge. 

If you’re just getting started with yoga and would like to get a solid foundation across different styles De Nieuwe Yogaschool might just be the right place for you.

With over forty-five yoga and meditation classes available per week, as well as teacher training programs and workshops, De Nieuwe Yogaschool is more than just a yoga studio; it’s a full-blown yoga training institute.  

A place where you can explore in-depth all the different styles and forms of yoga, guided by some of the most experienced teachers and within an atmosphere that makes you feel at home all across their warm living room, courtyard garden, and 3 spacious yoga studios.

In addition, they Livestream every class, so you can perfectly follow along right from the comfort of your own home when needed.  

If you want to get a taste of their atmosphere, you can get an intro card including three lessons for 17.50€ (see the full price list here) or book a free non-binding consultation with one of their hosts who will show you around and help you discover whether De Nieuwe Yogaschool is the best place for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is yoga popular in the Netherlands?

Yes, yoga is quite popular in the Netherlands. In recent years, there has been a growing interest in yoga and wellness. Many cities and towns in the Netherlands have numerous yoga studios and wellness centers offering a variety of yoga classes, including Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, and more.

What do you call a place where you do yoga?

A place where you practice yoga is typically called a “yoga studio” or simply a “yoga center.” Yoga studios are dedicated spaces designed for yoga classes and meditation.

Finding the best yoga studio – one that not only makes you feel at home but also gives you that feeling of comfort and leaves you feeling like there’s been a clear before and after – is not easy amidst all the yoga studios in Amsterdam.

However, I hope that this read has helped you make it more manageable and given you some clarity on what some of the best options might be for you. 

I’d love to know how you find these recommendations or if you have any other favorite yoga studios that you think should definitely be on this list, so please, feel free to share in the comments below. 

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 Yoga in Amsterdam
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