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  1. We were in Iceland in the summer. I am sure there were much colder temperatures in April. Although we did find the weather very variable. We are sorry we missed getting into the Blue Lagoon. Or one of the other hot springs. And hiking the Sólheimajökul Glacier is also a treat we missed on our visit. Good to know it can only be done with a tour guide. But the biggest thing we regret missing was the northern lights. They showed up about 2 weeks after we got home. All of this is a good reason to return. And it sounds like April may be the perfect time.

  2. I totally want to do all the things you have in this post – the lagoon, waterfalls, hikes, black sand beach. Plus, I love puffins and it would be so cool to take a tour and see them in Iceland! They are such amazing and beautiful birds.

  3. Puffins have to be on of the most ADORABLE animals in the world! I would have thought that April would be too cold to visit Iceland, I hadn´t realized the temperatures are so mild. The golden circle sounds stunning, as dies the Seljalandsfoss waterfall. I´d even love to visit the Blue Lagoon, even if it is a bit overly touristic.

  4. We love Iceland! We visited the same time and drove the Gold Circle and hit the spots you mentioned. We even got to see the Northern Lights twice 🙂 The only thing we didn’t’ experience was the whale watching.

  5. I’m not a fan of cold (probably because I live in one of the coldest capitals) so I’ve always avoided Iceland despite its beauty. I love hearing that spring temperatures are over 0C. That’s awesome!! The blue lagoon is stunning and I’d love to see the Northern Lights. I’ve never been far enough north in Canada to see them. April seems to be the perfect time to visit!

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