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  1. Sagrada Familia is high on my bucket list. Then after visiting this I could easily enjoy visiting many of the places on your list here.

  2. So many fabulous places to visit in Spain! I spent a couple of weeks in Spain & have seen some of these but tbere’s so many more! An inspurational post!

  3. I was in Spain for a week in 2019 and what an incredible country! But reading your post has made me realize that I did not manage to see so many amazing sites! I did visit AlHambra which was beautiful and Seville was amazing too. Barcelona and Gaudi’s famous architectural sites were a must see. But I must return to visit all the other incredible sites you have mentioned here!

  4. What a visual treat your post is! The stunning photographs show how amazing these Spanish Landmarks are. I kept staring at each of them and wondered how they would look when I am standing in front of them. The most beautiful sight that touched my heart is the Temple of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. I couldn’t help looking at the temple’s picture again and again. The more I stare at it, the greedier I became. That’s why I Googled the image thinking that I could see it in its entirety. I wished you had posted a bigger picture of that photograph.. It’s really stunning, and soothing.

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