8 Best Amsterdam Bike Tours 2024

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Uncover the 8 best Amsterdam bike tours below!

Welcome to the vibrant city of Amsterdam, where cycling is not just a mode of transportation but a way of life. As an Amsterdam local I know how much biking is a part of the culture and lifestyle in Amsterdam.

I think that the best way to immerse yourself in Dutch culture is by biking and the best way to bike safely and to the best places is with a bike tour.

Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or a casual rider, these tours cater to a variety of interests and fitness levels. From exploring iconic landmarks like the historic canals and Anne Frank House to venturing into the serene countryside and charming villages, these bike tours promise an immersive and unforgettable experience.

Discover Amsterdam’s hidden gems, taste local cuisine, and delve into the city’s fascinating past as you pedal through its charming streets.

My selection of the top 8 Amsterdam bike tours offers something for everyone, ensuring that your visit to Amsterdam is not just a trip, but a memorable journey through the heart of the Netherlands’ most bike-friendly city.

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🚲 SHORT ON TIME? Here are the 3 BEST Amsterdam Bike Tours
🚲 Amsterdam: Windmill, Cheese & Clogs Countryside E-Bike Tour
🚲 Amsterdam: 2-Hour City Highlights Guided Bike Tour
🚲 Bike Tour of Amsterdam’s Highlights and Hidden Gems!

8 Best Amsterdam Bike Tours 2024

1. Amsterdam: Windmill, Cheese & Clogs Countryside E-Bike Tour

Escape the Amsterdam bustle with a countryside ferry and e-bike tour. Explore Broek in Waterland’s canals, farms, and bridges. Experience Waterland’s untouched nature, venture to timeless villages, and end with a windmill and cheese farm visit.

Book this tour HERE.

2. Amsterdam: 2-Hour City Highlights Guided Bike Tour

Explore Amsterdam with a small family-run company on a guided leisurely bike tour. Discover Rembrandt’s house, the iconic Skinny Bridge, and gain insights into the city’s rich history and its old western harbor.

The journey also includes a visit to the Rijksmuseum, a renowned institution dedicated to art and history, and another iconic moment on the Skinny Bridge.

Book this tour HERE.

3. Amsterdam: Hidden Gems & Highlights Guided Bike Tour

Explore Amsterdam like a local on a guided bike tour though the city. Bike to hidden gems in the Jordaan area, cycling through quiet canals, courtyards, and lesser-known churches. Your knowledgeable guide shares historical insights at each stop. Conclude the Jordaan leg at Anne Frank’s House.

Enjoy a leisurely café break, then pedal to Vondelpark, Amsterdam’s beloved park. Finally, reach Museum Square (Museumplein), where you’ll discover cultural landmarks like the Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum, and Concertgebouw. Your tour ends back at the starting point.

Book this tour HERE.

4. Amsterdam: Guided Bike Tour of Central Amsterdam

Join a guided tour through central Amsterdam with an expert. Explore cultural sites, historical landmarks, and hidden gems. Begin near the central station, journeying through districts like the 9 Streets and De Pijp, passing iconic bridges, and ending at the renowned Artis Zoo.

Book this tour HERE.

5. Bike Tour of Amsterdam’s Highlights and Hidden Gems!

Familiarize yourself with Amsterdam and uncover its top attractions and hidden treasures during a bike tour. Effortlessly navigate between landmarks, making it ideal for time-constrained visitors. Gain cultural insights from your guide on this small-group adventure, revealing secret spots alongside major highlights.

Book this tour HERE.

6. Countryside Bike Tour Amsterdam, Parks, Windmill, Cheese & Clogs!

Escape the city’s hustle on a guided bike tour from Amsterdam to the serene countryside. Explore a historical windmill, cheese farm, and clog workshop. Pedal along the picturesque Amstel River, through quaint villages, and lush fields. Immerse in Dutch traditions and history before concluding your journey in Amsterdam’s parks, including Vondelpark and Amsterdamse Bos.

Book this tour HERE.

7. City Bike Tour Amsterdam, Exploring Amsterdam’s Must-See Sights

Discover an unconventional side of Amsterdam on a thrilling city bike tour. With a professional guide leading the way, navigate the charming waterways and cobblestone streets. Uncover hidden gems, delve into the city’s rich history and ‘coffee shop’ culture, and receive local insights.

Book this tour HERE.

8. Amsterdam International-Group Historical Bike Tour

Embark on a 3-hour guided bike tour and experience Amsterdam like a local. Explore historic streets, scenic canals, and famous districts such as the Red Light District and the lively Jordaan. Capture photos of landmarks and enjoy a small-group tour suitable for all abilities.

Book this tour HERE.


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Amsterdam Bike Tour Itinerary

While there are various Amsterdam bike tours to choose from, here’s a sample itinerary for a complete tour of the city:

Start: The tour usually begins at a designated meeting point where you’ll meet your guide and get your bike.

1. Central Station Area: Your journey might start near Amsterdam’s Central Station, a hub for travelers. Admire the striking architecture of the station and learn about its history.

2. Dam Square: Cycle to Dam Square, the city’s historical center, and visit iconic landmarks like the Royal Palace and the National Monument.

3. Canal Belt: Ride along the UNESCO-listed Canal Belt (Grachtengordel), known for its picturesque canals, 17th-century canal houses, and charming bridges.

4. Jordaan District: Explore the trendy Jordaan neighborhood, known for its indie boutiques, cozy cafes, and local markets.

5. Anne Frank House: Pass by the Anne Frank House, where Anne Frank and her family hid during World War II.

6. Leidseplein and Museumplein: Pedal to Leidseplein, a bustling square with a vibrant nightlife and street performers. Continue to Museumplein, home to cultural institutions like the Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum.

7. Vondelpark: Enjoy a leisurely ride through Vondelpark, Amsterdam’s largest park, and a peaceful escape from the city’s hustle and bustle.

8. De Pijp Neighborhood: Explore the De Pijp neighborhood, known for its Bohemian atmosphere and the famous Albert Cuyp Market.

9. Amstel River: Ride along the Amstel River, passing by historic bridges and capturing scenic views of the city.

10. Final Stop: Return to the starting point, where the tour typically concludes.


Amsterdam Bike Tour Cost

The cost of an Amsterdam bike tour can vary widely depending on several factors, including the type of tour, the duration, the level of guidance and support, and any additional inclusions. Here’s an approximate cost breakdown to give you an idea:

  1. Standard Guided Bike Tours:
    • A standard guided bike tour that covers the city’s main attractions and lasts around 2-3 hours typically ranges from €25 to €35 per person.
  2. Extended or Specialized Tours:
    • Longer tours or specialized tours, such as countryside tours, can be more expensive. Expect to pay between €40 to €70 or more for these types of tours.
  3. Private Tours:
    • Private bike tours, where you have a guide exclusively for your group, tend to be the most expensive. Prices can range from €50 to €100 or more per person, depending on the duration and customization.
  4. Bike Rental and Self-Guided Tours:
    • If you prefer to rent a bike and explore on your own, bike rentals typically cost around €10 to €15 per day for a standard city bike. Self-guided tours may have additional fees for maps or digital guides.
  5. Inclusions:
    • Some tours include extras like bike rental, helmets, insurance, refreshments, or entrance fees to attractions. Be sure to check what is included in the tour package.
  6. Season and Demand:
    • Prices can vary depending on the season and demand. Summer months may see higher prices due to increased tourism.
  7. Discounts and Group Rates:
    • Some tour operators offer discounts for children, students, and larger groups, so it’s worth inquiring about group rates or any available promotions.
  8. Quality of Bikes:
    • High-quality bikes, such as electric bikes or premium brands, may come at a higher cost compared to standard city bikes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is cycling in Amsterdam hard?

Cycling in Amsterdam is generally not hard, and in fact, it’s one of the best ways to get around the city. Amsterdam is renowned for its cycling-friendly infrastructure and culture, making it a great place for both locals and tourists to explore on two wheels. However, there are a few considerations to keep in mind:

🚲 Bike Infrastructure: Amsterdam has an extensive network of dedicated bike lanes and paths. Most streets have clearly marked bike lanes, making it easy to navigate. Just be aware of the different types of bike lanes (one-way, two-way, and bike lanes that are separate from the road) and follow the traffic signs.

🚲 Traffic: While the city is generally bike-friendly, Amsterdam can be busy with cyclists, pedestrians, and other vehicles. Pay attention to traffic rules, be mindful of other road users, and watch out for trams and cars.

🚲 Lock Your Bike: Bike theft is relatively common in Amsterdam, so it’s essential to secure your bike properly with a good lock when not in use. Many bike tour operators provide secure parking for your rental bike during the tour.

🚲 Tourist Areas: Some popular tourist areas can get crowded, and it might be a bit more challenging to navigate through the crowds on a bike. In such areas, consider dismounting and walking your bike.

🚲 Obey Traffic Rules: Always obey traffic rules and signals, including stopping at red lights and yielding to pedestrians.

🚲 Use Hand Signals: Using hand signals to indicate your turns is a good practice and helps improve safety.

🚲 Renting a Bike: If you’re not comfortable bringing your own bike, consider renting one from a reputable rental shop. They can provide you with a well-maintained bike suitable for city cycling.

How much is it to ride a bike in Amsterdam?

Riding a bike in Amsterdam can be quite affordable, and the cost depends on whether you’re renting a bike or using a bike-sharing service. Here are some general guidelines for the costs associated with riding a bike in Amsterdam:

1. Bike Rental:

  • Rental shops: You can rent a bike from various rental shops throughout the city. Prices can vary, but on average, you can expect to pay around €10 to €15 per day for a standard city bike. Electric bikes and specialty bikes may cost more.
  • Rental duration: Some shops offer hourly rates as well. Hourly rates can range from €5 to €8 per hour. Many rental shops also offer discounts for longer rental periods, such as by the week.

2. Bike-Sharing Services:

  • Amsterdam has a bike-sharing program called “OV-fiets” operated by NS (Dutch Railways). This service is primarily designed for Dutch residents and requires a subscription, but it may be accessible to tourists with a public transport chip card.
  • There are also commercial bike-sharing services in Amsterdam like Donkey Republic, which typically charge by the hour. The cost can range from €9 to €15 for a full day.

3. Personal Bike:

  • If you have your own bike, the cost is minimal after the initial purchase. You’ll need to consider maintenance, which includes occasional repairs and the cost of a lock to prevent theft.

How long does it take to cycle around Vondelpark?

The time it takes to cycle around Vondelpark in Amsterdam can vary depending on your cycling speed, stops, and the route you choose within the park.

  • Leisurely Pace: If you’re taking a leisurely ride, enjoying the park’s sights and perhaps stopping occasionally, it might take around 15 to 30 minutes to complete a full loop around the park. This pace allows you to soak in the surroundings fully.
  • Moderate Pace: Cycling at a moderate pace without many stops, you can complete a loop in approximately 10 to 15 minutes. This is a comfortable pace for most cyclists.
  • Fast Pace: For experienced cyclists or those looking to complete a quick lap around Vondelpark for exercise, it can take as little as 5 to 10 minutes.