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  1. The Philippines remain high on our travel wish list. What a great long list of dreamy spots you have presented. We may need a long visit. Those crystal blue waters would draw us underwater for sure. I have heard there is amazing scuba diving in the Philippines. Sounds like we should plan to visit Apo Island. I love that there are so many different islands to discover. And many still quite non-commercial.

  2. Love this list – each place that I read about quickly became my new favourite till I reached the next one! I never realized the Philippines was quite this beautiful. The sandbar at Bon Bon beach looks out of this world! No wonder it is so pristine when it takes a flight, 3 ferries and numerous local busses to get there! Romblon Island would definitely feature high on my bucket list, despite the efforts required to reach there.

  3. So many beautiful islands! How do you pick? I’d be happy to visit any to enjoy the remoteness, turquoise waters and white sand. The walkway to Romblon Islandlooks insane!

  4. I didn’t realise there were 7500 islands that make up the Philippines. That’s incredible. Some of these islands sound so beautiful. Romblon Island, with that long sandbar, looks amazing. The mystic healers on Siquijor sound intriguing, not sure I want to visit one though. Sumilon Island I would definitely love to visit for the terrific snorkelling opportunities and swimming with turtles. Hope to travel there in the future.

  5. This makes me just want to jump back on a plane (I wish right now!) and back to The Philippines, in fact, if Covid hadn’t hit I would have been for a second time by now!! But at least seeing this first means I have plenty more places to add to the list before we go back! We’ve mostly just done the areas around Palawan and had wanted to see some of the others as well as some other towns and volcanoes too.

  6. Wow! The Philippines is one of the only countries in SE Asia I haven’t been, and every time I see pictures from there, I regret it again! I can’t wait to finally go there whenever travel is possible again.

  7. All of the islands in the Philippines look so stunning! I have not been able to visit yet, but I have so many spots in South-East Asia on my list! Thanks for this great guide and all of the suggestions 🙂

  8. You can also include the Masbate Province where the famous Sandbar and Marine Sanctuary is said to be the Maldives of the Philippines. We also have Ticao island where Katandayagan Falls is located, a waterfalls from the mountain to the sea. Many small and unique rock formations between Burias Island and Ticao Island…enjoy the tranquility and white fine sand of Altamar Boutique Resort in San Jacinto, Ticao Island…many more undiscovered beaches and beautiful sites in the Province, the rolling mountains, the Marlboro country in the Philippines where big ranches could be found and the annual Rodeo Festival which is one of the attractions that only Masbate could provide…

  9. Oh my god these places look insane!! I wouldn’t even be able to say which one is my favorite. I’ve been wanting to visit the Philippines for years and had it planned for 2020 but well, that didn’t happen. Hopefully I can go soon and explore all these stunning places.

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