15 Best Things to do in Mahe Island, Seychelles

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Here are the best things to do in Mahe Island, Seychelles for a magical and unforgettable getaway.

Mahe is the largest island in Seychelles and a great place to stay and explore for a wide variety of things to do and see. With so many different beaches, areas and attractions Mahe are easily one of the best islands in Seychelles to head to during your Seychelles holiday. From beautiful beaches to breathtaking hikes and more, Mahe offers everything you could want in a tropical getaway.

Discover the 15 best things to do in Mahe Island below!

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How Long to Spend in Mahe

When visiting Seychelles it is best to island-hop between Mahe, Praslin and La Digue to see and experience as much of this wonderful country as you can. With this in mind spending, 2-5 days in Mahe is the perfect amount of time to allow you to see and do most of the top things.

How to Get Around Mahe

The best way to get around Mahe is by car. Renting your own car so you can explore freely with save you both time and money. However, you can also get around with public transport and taxis if you need.

Where to Stay in Mahe

Learn about the best hotels in Seychelles here, and check out below for the best hotels in Mahe.


15 Best Things to do in Mahe Island, Seychelles

Spend a Day on Beau Vallon

Baie Beau Vallon - Beach on island Mahe in Seychelles

Beau Vallon is one of the most popular beaches in Mahe and a must-visit while touring the island. With its unique granite rocks, blue water, and lush palms it is the ideal place to spend a day relaxing on the beach and swimming.

Beau Vallon is also one of the best beaches for diving and snorkelling due to its clear water and coral reefs. However, the reefs are now bleached due to global climate change so you won’t be able to admire the bright colours of a thriving coral reef.

Hike the Copolia Hiking Trail

Hiking the copolia trail with granite rocks in the jungle on mahé on the seychelles

The Copolia Trail is a challenging yet rewarding hiking trail in Mahe. It is perfect for adventure travellers or those looking to see and admire the lush nature Seychelles has to offer. Along the way, you can admire the unique jungle flora, granite rocks, and indigenous animals.

Hiking to the top of this trail is one of the top things to do in Mahe, and also in Seychelles for a panoramic view of Mahe and to see the island from a new perspective.

Admire the Views from Morne Blanc

Morne Blanc viewpoint. Beautiful scenery of island coastline Nature trail Mahe Island Seychelles

Another great hike in Mahe is Morne Blanc. This hike brings you to the top of the mountain on the island and allows you to view and admire the stunning coastline. The hiking trail brings you to the top of Morne Seychellois, which is the highest mountain in Seychelles, and from here you can admire the island in the best way possible. The way to the top is pretty steep and difficult but as one of the top things to do in Mahe, it is all worth it.

Venture to Anse Major

Anse Major

Anse Major is a stunning remote beach in Mahe that is just calling you for a beach day. With its lush jungle surroundings, granite rocks and aqua blue waters it is easily one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and one you must experience for yourself.

Getting here requires a 3 km hike through the jungle so be sure to pack plenty of water and good hiking shoes! Try to head there in the morning to avoid hiking during the hottest hours of the day and to arrive before too many others get here.

Go Island Hopping

Island hopping

There is no better way to see and experience Seychelles than with island hopping. Although most popular islands are pretty close together, they all offer something very different and unique to enjoy. Going on a boat tour to explore the other islands is one of the best things to do in Mahe beyond exploring the mainland. Check out this post to see the most beautiful islands in Seychelles and pick the ones you want to visit most!

Join a Guided Tour

Guided tours are one of the best ways to see and learn about Mahe and Seychelles in general. The local Seychellois are very passionate about their country and love to share all the interesting information and facts about it with tourists. With these guides, you will get inside knowledge and learn a ton about all the unique and endemic plants, animals and more that make up with island.

It is also a great opportunity to learn about sustainability and how global climate change has impacted Seychelles and what we can do to help and raise awareness!

Visit the Botanical Gardens

Botanical gardens in Mahe
Botanical gardens in Mahe

The Botanical Gardens are a lush, large area where you can find Coco de Mer, giant tortoises, and various other unique plants and trees. They are located in the capital of Seychelles, Victoria, just a short distance from the city center. It is the perfect place to see endemic Seychelles flora without having to hike through the jungle. The cost to enter is 150 Seychellois Rupee (~11 euros).

Explore Eden Island

Aerial view of Mahe' Island, Seychelles. Vegetation and homes.

Head to Eden Island to spend a day enjoying a more luxurious side of Mahe. Eden Island is an artificial island located off the coast of mainland Mahe and is full of luxury resorts and villas. Visiting here is one of the best things to do in Mahe for those seeking something less nature-focused and more western for the day. More so, this is the best place to stay in Mahe if you want to enjoy a luxurious and high-end getaway.

Wander Around Victoria

The market in the backstreets of the capital is popular for its fresh fish, fruit and vegetable supply. Everything is displayed properly to customers. Many tourists visit the market during their stay on the island.

Victoria is the capital of Seychelles and is conveniently located in Mahe. It is one of the smallest capitals in the world and visiting it completely takes only about half a day (depending on how many stops you make along the way). One of the top things to do in Mahe is to spend a day or afternoon in Victoria exploring and heading to its famous market.

The market is full of local goods and foods for you to see and purchase. You will see some pretty unique and exotic things that you must see for yourself to believe. Just note: it is pretty hectic!

Hike the Mare Aux Chochon trail

The Mare Aux Chochon trail is one of the less popular hiking trails in Mahe, which makes it all the more exciting to hike! Here you will get to hike around the jungle and enjoy the unique flora without many other people around.

Meet Giant Tortoises

Giant Tortoises
Giant Tortoises

Meeting and interacting with the giant tortoises – which are endemic to Seychelles – is an absolute must while in the country. While in Mahe there are two ways you can meet them! One is by going to the Botanical Gardens and enjoying them in their enclosure. Two is by taking a day trip to Curieuse Island where hundreds of giant tortoises roam freely.

Swim in Ros Sodyer Rock Pool

Aerial view of the natural Rock Pool at Takamaka Beach on Mahé in the Seychelles

Ros Sodyer Rock Pool is an amazing natural attraction located in Mahe. This beautiful naturally formed rock pool is unique to Mahe and visiting it while in Seychelles and a must. As one of the top things to do in Mahe, you will want to hire a guide to ensure you arrive with ease.

Sample Takamaka Rum

Mahe Seychelles Takamaka rum distillery, the New full selection of the Takamaka rum, the selection have the new bottling and a new flavour called "rum zenn"

Takamaka is a delicious and sweet rum made exclusively in Seychelles. One of the best things to do in Mahe is to sample this special rum and all its various flavours. You can find Takamaka rum almost everywhere so asking for a shot at a restaurant or beach bar will typically result in a yes! Be sure to take some home for your friends and family to try.

Sunset Watching at Petite Anse

Beach in Seychelles

Petite Anse is another idyllic beach in Mahe that is perfect for a peaceful beach day. The water is relatively calm due to its location within a bay making it perfect for gentle swimming and laying on the soft sand.

Get Surfing Lessons


Although surfing isn’t as popular in Seychelles as in some countries there is still a thriving surf community that is calling you for lessons! If you have been wanting to learn how to surf for some time this is the perfect opportunity!

Where to Stay in Mahe

Discover the best hotels in Seychelles here. And the best hotels in Mahe are below!

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With so many things to do in Mahe it’s time to get planning.

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15 Best Things to do in Mahe
15 Best Things to do in Mahe