15 Best Things to Do in Marrakech, Morocco

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Discover the best things to do in Marrakech for the ultimate Moroccan getaway.

Marrakech is one of the most hectic, loud, and overwhelming places I have ever visited – and I LOVE IT. The colours, the architecture, and the sights are all unlike anywhere else and make Marrakech SUCH a special place.

I was so surprised at the beauty and diversity of Marrakech and fell in love with everything about it – even the bad things don’t seem so bad. After spending 7 days in Maakrech I can say I know the city pretty well and am happy to share the top things to do and see while YOU visit.

Keep reading for my complete list of the best things to do in Marrakech.

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15 Best Things to Do in Marrakech, Morocco

Short on time? Here’s everything you need to know!
3 best places to stay in Marrakech 🏠
➡️ Riad Palais Calipau
➡️ Riad NayaNour
➡️ Les Jardins De La Médina

3 Best Desert Camps 🐫
➡️ Kalyptus Luxury Camp
➡️ Emeraude Camp Agafay
➡️ Inara Camp

Visit Badi Palace

Badi Palace is a historic palace complex located just outside the Marrakech Medina. Built-in the 16th century by Sultan Ahmed al-Mansur, it was intended to be one of the most magnificent palaces of its time (and spoiler it’s pretty cool)!

💡 This is one of my favourite places in Marrakech that is super unique. I arrived early and there were people but not nearly as many as when I left – with that in mind – arrive early!

Badi Palace is now largely in ruin but still, the palace complex offers a very interesting glimpse into Morocco’s architectural and cultural heritage. Here you will find vast courtyards, intricately decorated pavilions, and remnants of mosaics and stucco work.

➡️ Opening times / open days: 9 AM – 3 PM
➡️ Entrance price: The entrance fee for Badi Palace is 70 Moroccan Dirhams (MAD) per person (~$7 USD).

Explore Jardin Majorelle

Jardin Majorelle is a stunning botanical garden created by the French painter Jacques Majorelle in the early 1900’s. It has since been restored by Yves Saint Laurent and visiting is now one of the top things to do in Marrakech!

NOTE: This is one of the only places in Marrakech where you need to purchase tickets in advance – you can get them here at the official site..

➡️ Opening times / open days: Jardin Majorelle is open to visitors every day of the week from 8 AM – 6:30 PM. Opt for an early time slot (9:30 LATEST) to avoid crowds and enjoy the gardens before they get too busy.

➡️ Entrance price: The cost for one ticket is 165 DH ($44 USD) and MUST to be purchased in advance by the official site.

Wander Through the Medina

The Medina of Marrakech is a UNESCO World Heritage site and the historic heart of the city. It is a maze of narrow streets, bustling souks (markets), and ancient buildings.

💡 Exploring the medina was easily one of my favorite things to do in Marrakech – its so simple but honestly all the things you see, smell and experience along the way make it quite the adventure.

Exploring the Medina is an authentic Moroccan experience where you will wander through the endless streets and alleyways, shop for traditional crafts, spices, and textiles, and admire the stunning architecture.

➡️ Opening times / open days: The Medina of Marrakech is open every day, all year round.
➡️ Entrance price: There is no entrance fee to explore the Medina.

Drink Moroccan Tea

Drinking Moroccan tea is something you will likely do a LOT while in Marrakech. This traditional drink made from green tea, fresh mint leaves, and sugar is an integral part of Moroccan hospitality and culture.

💡 I like tea, but even my husband who doesn’t typically drink it found the tea in Morocco different and quite enjoyed the tea-drinking experience. Here it’s not just about the tea; it’s also about the ceremony surrounding it.

The tea-making process, including the pouring technique, is an essential part of Moroccan tea culture.

If you are wondering – like I was – why they pour the tea so high, this is why:

➡️ Enhances Flavor: Pouring the tea from a height aerates the tea, making it frothy and enhancing its flavor.
➡️ Symbol of Hospitality: Pouring tea high is a traditional way to welcome guests. It’s a gesture of hospitality and friendship.
➡️ Tradition and Ritual: Moroccan tea-making is steeped in tradition and ritual. The pouring technique is an age-old custom passed down through generations.

Watch the Sunset from a Rooftop

Marrakech is home to many stunning rooftop terraces offering panoramic views of the city. From here, you can witness breathtaking sunsets against the backdrop of the tall palm trees, old architecture, and (if your lucky) the Atlas Mountains.

💡 This sunset view is from BEHIND one of the most famous sunset view rooftops in the city Dardar Rooftop : Cocktails & Eat. I LOVED this sunset spot which was right from my riad – Monriad!

Shop in the Souk

The Souk is a traditional marketplace in Marrakech, made up of narrow alleyways lined with stalls selling a variety of goods, including textiles, spices, pottery, and leather goods.

💡 I LOVED exploring the Souk. This is one of the few places in the world where the “tourist” items are actually really nice and worth purchasing! While here I bought some ceramic mugs (so so so cute and amazing prices), spices, and of course pure argan oil for my hair and skin.

Exploring the Souk is one of the top things to do in Marrakech and an essential part of the Moroccan experience. It offers a glimpse into Moroccan culture and provides an opportunity to purchase unique souvenirs and gifts.

💡 NOTE: you will have to barter the prices here. It is all part of the Marrakech experience (honestly I hate bargaining so I didn’t really but it is expected.

Relax at your Riad

A Riad is a traditional Moroccan house or palace with an interior garden or courtyard. Many Riads in Marrakech have been converted into guesthouses or boutique hotels.

Staying in a Riad offers a unique and authentic Moroccan experience. It allows you to immerse yourself in the local culture, architecture, and hospitality.

💡 I would say visiting Marrakech and NOT staying in a riad is a HUGE missed opportunity. I LOVED my riads and found them all so beautiful and really added to the experience.

My 5 favorite riads are:
➡️ Monriad
➡️ Riad Le Petit Joyau
➡️ Riad Palais Calipau
➡️ Riad NayaNour
➡️ Les Jardins De La Médina

Explore Jardin Secret

Jardin Secret, or the Secret Garden, is a peaceful oasis located in the middle of Marrakech’s Medina. This is actually a pretty new garden that is beautifully restored and landscaped, offering an excellent escape from the bustling streets of the Medina.

💡 This garden also has a little cafe and is a great place to stop for a break with and drink and stunning garden views!

➡️ Opening Times/Open Days: Jardin Secret is open daily from 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM.
➡️ Entrance Price: The entrance fee is 50 MAD (approximately $5.50 USD) per person.

Visit the Bahia Palace

Bahia Palace is a beautiful palace located in the Medina of Marrakech. It was built in the late 19th century and showcases stunning Moroccan architecture and design.

Here you can explore the intricate artwork, beautiful courtyards, and lush gardens and get a glimpse into Morocco’s cultural heritage and architectural beauty. Visiting is one of the top things to do in Marrakech but be sure to visit early in the morning to avoid the heat.

➡️ Opening Times/Open Days: Bahia Palace is open daily from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.
➡️ Entrance Price: The entrance fee is 70 MAD (approximately $7.70 USD) per person.

Enjoy the Amazing Restaurants

Marrakech is famous for its culinary scene, offering a wide range of amazing restaurants. Dining in Marrakech is a cultural experience in itself. You can indulge in the rich flavors of Moroccan cuisine, including tagines, couscous, and pastillas, as well as international and fusion dining options.

💡 Marrakech offers a mix of restaurants and local street food stands to choose from. I’m more of a restaurant girl as I don’t eat meat, although I’ve heard great things about street food – and some bad things (be careful).

For the restaurants: the city is home to many restaurants with stunning settings, from traditional riads to rooftop terraces with breathtaking views.

The 5 best restaurants in Marrakech are:

➡️ Dardar Rooftop : Cocktails & Eat
➡️ La Trattoria
➡️ Café Des Épices
➡️ Naranj Libanese
➡️ La Pergola

Experience Jemaa el-Fnaa

Jemaa el-Fnaa is the main square and marketplace in Marrakech’s Medina. It’s a busy hub of activity, where you will experience the rich culture and traditions of Marrakech.

During the day, it’s a bustling marketplace selling everything from spices and textiles to ceramics and jewelry. In the evening, it transforms into an entertainment area, with snake charmers, storytellers, musicians, and street food stalls.

💡 Jemaa el-Fnaa is VERY hectic and pretty overwhelming. One thing I didn’t like was the monkeys in chains – so beware if you are sensitive to this type of thing like I am!

Relax in a Hammam

Hammams are an integral part of Moroccan culture and offer a unique and relaxing experience. They typically involve a series of steam rooms, massages, and exfoliating treatments that leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Entrance Price: Prices vary depending on the type of treatment and the quality of the hammam. Expect to pay anywhere from 150 to 500 Moroccan dirhams (approximately $15 to $50 USD) for a basic hammam experience.

Take a Cooking Class

Cooking classes in Marrakech offer an opportunity to learn about Moroccan cuisine, culture, and traditions.

You’ll get hands-on experience preparing traditional Moroccan dishes, using local ingredients and spices. It’s a great way to immerse yourself in Moroccan culture and take home some new culinary skills.

Go to Madrasa Ben Youssef

Madrasa Ben Youssef is an ancient Islamic college located in the heart of the Marrakech Medina. It is home to stunning architecture and intricate tile work and is one of the largest theological colleges in North Africa.

💡 This is one of the most beautiful places I visited in Marrakech. However, I arrived at around 9:10 and it was already packed. By the time I left at around 10:10 there was a HUGE line to get in.

➡️ Opening Times/Open Days: Madrasa Ben Youssef is open daily from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, except on Fridays when it closes for the weekly Muslim prayer.
➡️ Entrance Price: The entrance fee is 70 Moroccan dirhams (approximately $7 USD).

Spend a Night in the Agafay Desert

Spending a night in the Agafay Desert offers a unique desert experience close to Marrakech. In fact, the Agafay Desert is only around 1 hour from Marrakech and can be done in a day trip (but sleeping in the desert is a big part of the experience).

💡 Marrakech can get pretty overwhelming and getting out of the city for a night is one of the best things to do in Marrakech to give yourself a little break.

It’s a chance to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and immerse yourself in the tranquility of the desert. You can enjoy traditional Moroccan hospitality, stargaze under the clear desert sky, and admire the natural beauty of Morocco.

The 4 Best Agafay Desert Camps are:
➡️ Kalyptus Luxury Camp
➡️ Emeraude Camp Agafay
➡️ Inara Camp
➡️ Caravan by Habitas Agafay

Where to Stay in Marrakech

Below are the BEST places to stay in Marrakech. I opted to stay in a bunch of different riads in Marrakech so I would test and experience them all for you myself. Here are my favourites:

➡️ Monriad
➡️ Riad Le Petit Joyau
➡️ Riad Palais Calipau
➡️ Riad NayaNour
➡️ Les Jardins De La Médina

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