One Perfect Week in Spain: 4 Best Spain Itineraries

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Looking to spend one perfect week in Spain and want to ensure you have the best itinerary for your travel wants and needs? Then check out these 4 Spain itineraries all with their own unique charm.

Spain is one of Europe’s most beautiful and magical countries. It offers a wide range of different cities to visit all with their own unique charm and characteristics. In Spain, you can find big cities, beaches, mountains, old towns and more! This makes it one of the best places to visit if you want to see and experience a diverse offering of landscapes and culture.

Discover the best 4 Spain itineraries for the perfect week in Spain.

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One Week in Spain: 4 Best Spain Itineries

Big Cities of Spain: Madrid > Seville > Valencia > Barcelona

  • Day 1-2: Madrid
  • Day 3-4: Seville
  • Day 5: Valencia
  • Day 6-7: Barcelona

If you are visiting Spain for the first time and want to visit the biggest cities in the country then this itinerary is for you! With this one-week in Spain itinerary, you can choose to go to each city by car, train, bus or plane. Each has its pros and cons based on speed and ease. The best option is by train or plane, as this way you don’t need to worry about directions or getting lost. Just get your tickets in advance, hop on the train or plane and enjoy the views!

Madrid views
Madrid views

Day 1-2: Madrid

Madrid is the capital of Spain and a vibrant city full of things to do and see. It is known for its bustling nightlife, stunning architecture, unique neighbourhoods and more! Spending two days here will give you a taste of the city and all the magic it holds.

Day 3-4: Seville

Take the train from Madrid to Seville and within 3.5 hours you will be in a whole new atmosphere! Seville is one of Spain’s most charming cities full of beautiful architecture, magical Spanish squares, and deep Spanish culture. It is the perfect place to spend a few days soaking in the Spanish lifestyle.

Barcelona Cathedreal

Day 5: Valencia

Hop on a plane in Seville and in just 1 hour you will arrive in Valencia. One day is just enough time to see the highlights of Valencia and marvel at its unique beauty. This stunning city is as Spanish as they get, and the birthplace of paella!

Day 6-7: Barcelona

Finish off your trip in beautiful Barcelona! This is the perfect oceanside city in Spain that has just about everything you could need and more. Beaches, churches, architecture, restaurants and more! Finish your one week in Spain here for the perfect end to an amazing stay.

Island Hopping: Ibiza > Mallorca > Minorca

  • Day 1-3: Ibiza
  • Day 4-5: Mallorca
  • Day 6-7: Minorca

For the ultimate beach lovers Spanish getaway this island-hopping itinerary is for you! Spain is home to some of Europe’s most beautiful and lust-worthy islands. Sitting right in the Mediterranean Sea these islands are surrounded by vivid blue waters and full of amazing things to do and see. The best way to travel between islands is by boat or by plane. The boat is more scenic but takes too much time with only one week in Spain. Therefore, opting for a plane is best.

Beach full of people
Ocean view with boats

Day 1-3: Ibiza

Ibiza is the most famous of the three Spanish islands and worth a 3-day visit to see and enjoy as much of what the island has to offer. With so many amazing things to do in Ibiza, it can be hard to choose what to do and what to skip. It is an island known for hosting some of the best parties in Europe with world-famous DJ’s but there is more to Ibiza than just this. With something for everyone, you can craft the perfect 3 days and enjoy adventures like snorkelling, hiking, beach hopping, markets, and more!

Day 4-5: Mallorca

Mallorca, always referred to as Palma, is the largest of the islands and the perfect place for a beach-filled getaway. There are a ton of the different cities and towns in Mallorca all with their own charm, plus hundreds of amazing beaches to enjoy!

Day 6-7: Minorca

Minorca is the perfect place to end your island hopping week in Spain. With its renowned beaches and scenery, plus far fewer tourists than Ibiza and Mallorca you can get your rest on and enjoy some calm and serenity.

Coastal Tour: Malaga > Granada > Almería > Alicante > Valencia

  • Day 1-2: Malaga
  • Day 3-4: Granada & Almeria
  • Day 5-7: Alicante & Valencia

Take a trip along Spain’s Southern Coast to see and experience some of the countries most magical sites and attractions. This week in Spain itinerary will bring you along the coast to show you some of Spain’s best cities and involve minimal travel time. In order to save time and allow movement free of constraints, this itinerary is best carried out by renting a car and driving it.

Day 1-2: Malaga

Malaga is a stunning coastal city with a young and vibrant atmosphere. Full of charming streets, historic buildings and more, Malaga is the perfect place to head to if you crave cultures, heat, and beauty. Two days is the perfect amount of time to become acquainted with the streets and get a taste of this unique place.

Day 3-4: Granada & Almeria

After enjoying Malaga taking the short drive to Granada and onward to Almeria is best. The drive from Malaga to Granda is only 1.5 hours and upon arrival, you will head straight for the world-famous Alhambra. This is one of the top attractions in Spain (pictured below) and a must-see while driving the coast. Following this, you can head back along the coast to Almería which is only 1 hour and 45 minutes away.

Almeria is an old coastal town with a huge Moorish fortress, old cathedrals and much more. It is a welcome place to stop and admire one of Spain’s more underrated Spanish cities.

Day 5-7: Alicante and Valencia

Depending on your travel desires you can plan to spend more time in Alicante or Valencia. Both have their unique charms and with 3 full days, you have enough time to fully soak in both. The drive from Almeria to Alicante takes about 3 hours and the route along the coast is lovely. Once there you can enjoy the stretching beach, old town and authentic Spanish restaurants.

After spending some time in Alicante you can make the 2-hour drive to Valencia and enjoy the laid-back atmosphere here. The old town is packed with restaurants and things to see and do.

Catalonia: Catalonia & Basque Country: Barcelona > Girona > San Sebastian

  • Day 1-3: Barcelona
  • Day 4-5: Girona
  • Day 5-7: San Sebastian

Catalonia region and Basque Country are very specific parts of Spain with their own unique culture and traditions. Basque people even have their own language that is nothing like Spanish! Venturing here for a week will show you a whole different side of Spain with its own strong culture that is unlike any other part of the country.


Day 1-3: Barcelona

Start your Spain adventures in the countries Catalonia region in Barcelona with a bang. Explore the old streets and famous landmarks like Sagrada Família church, Casa Batllo and more! This city is full of things to do and see. Plus the city is very young, resulting in an atmosphere that is always buzzing.

Day 4-5: Girona

Girona is a colourful city full of medieval architecture in the northeast Catalonia region. It is a city located along a river full of history and charm. Spending one day here to see and explore is more than enough to get a taste of this mesmerizing city.

Day 5-7: San Sebastian

San Sebastian is a stunning resort town located in the beautiful Basque region of Spain. It’s known for its stretching beach, beautiful waterfront, and charming old town. You will also find plenty of world-renowned restaurants all throughout the town, making it the perfect place to visit for foodies!

With so much diversity within the country, one week in Spain can offer you an abundance of things to do and see. No matter what your travel style is you can find the perfect itinerary that offers culture, beaches, history and more!

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