Best Time to Visit Lake Como | 4 Season Guide

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Discover the best time to visit Lake Como to find your perfect time to visit this magical region of Italy.

Lake Como is one of the most gorgeous parts of Italy. Located in Northern Italy, Lake Como is a beautiful region known for its neoclassical villas, breathtaking views, and luxurious upscale vibe.

It is the ideal place to visit for a relaxing holiday where you can spend time in nature, villages, and on the lake admiring the pure beauty all around.

Every season in Lake Como offers a different experience, all with their own pros and cons. Uncover the best time to visit Lake Como below!

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Overall Best Time to Visit Lake Como

The best time to visit Lake Como is May – June and September – October. These months are the best months where you can enjoy fewer tourists than in the summer while still enjoying warm temperatures. These months are also when most attractions and things to do are fully operational.

Lake Como Through the Seasons

Lake Como in Spring

Lake Como in Spring
Lake Como in Spring

Spring in Lake Como welcomes mild temperatures and the highest number of rainy days out of any other season. This is also when the gardens and flowers at the various villas and villages begin to bloom and the region wakes up from the slow winter season.

You will still find ferries running in spring, just less frequently than in summer, so getting around to other villages and parts of the lake is easy. Be sure to check out the ferry schedule here before so you can plan accordingly. Spring also has much fewer tourists than in the summer so you can explore this beautiful region without the huge crowds.

It is best to visit towards the end of spring, late April and May to enjoy the best possible chance at warm weather.

HighLowRainy Days

Lake Como in Summer

Tremezzo Tremezzina in Como lake district. Italian traditional lake village view and stairs. Italy, Europe.

Lake Como in Summer is the most popular time to visit this region. During summer you will find the prices for hotels at their most expensive and all the major villages, cities, and villas full of people. However, this is when Lake Como has its warmest and sunniest weather and the nice weather in Lake Como makes it all the more beautiful and enjoyable.

Summer is also when ferries are running most frequently and moving around the Lake is easiest. Plus all attractions and fully open and operational. If you don’t mind the groups of tourists and higher prices and value warm weather, then summer is the best time to visit Lake Como for you!

HighLowRainy Days

Lake Como in Fall

Lake Como in Fall
Lake Como in Fall

Lake Como in the fall is the season of romance. With the changing colour of the leaves, the cooler temperatures, and the romantic atmosphere, fall is the best time to visit Lake Como for couples!

September and October are ideal months where you still get warm temperatures and many sunny days, but the summer crowds will have slowed down significantly.

In the summer busy cities like Bellagio are super busy and in fall they start to die down so you can enjoy them even more!

November is when you will really start to see a drop in temperatures but with this month also comes lower costs.

HighLowRainy Days

Lake Como in Winter

Lake Como in Winter

Winter is Lake Como is the coldest a least busy season. Temperatures rarely go below zero and it doesn’t often snow but it could happen. Winter is the best time to visit Lake Como if you want to drive around the lake and admire the pretty towns and villages without anyone else around. Of course, many things will be closed and the ferries will run sparingly but you can still enjoy a holiday here!

HighLowRainy Days

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Where To Stay in Lake Como

The best time to visit Lake Como is all up to your own preferences. Find what matters to you and visit when it fits.

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Best Time to Visit Lake Como
Best Time to Visit Lake Como