Best Jordan Travel Guide | Everything You Need to Know

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This Jordan travel guide has all the information you need to plan a complete trip to Jordan.

Traveling is hard. With so many different things to consider it can be overwhelming to plan and excuse a successful trip. The best way to calm the overwhelming feelings while planning is by proper preparation!

If you are heading to Jordan and want to be as prepared as possible this post has you covered. From what to expect when visiting Jordan, when to visit, how long to visit, what to do, and more.

Keep reading this complete Jordan travel guide to get you as ready as possible for this exciting adventure.

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The Ultimate Jordan Travel Guide

Jordan Travel Guide
Jordan Travel Guide

What to Expect When Visiting Jordan

  • Currency: The currency in Jordan is the Jordanian Dinar (JOD). The current exchange is 0.709 JOD = 1 USD.
  • Cash / ATMs: Most sites, restaurants, and attractions take cards (Visa, Mastercard and SOME take Amex). However, it’s a great idea to take out some cash as some places only accept cash, There are plenty of ATMs in Jordan where you can take out cash.
  • Language: The official language in Jordan is Arabic. However, you will find most people speak English and there is also a small French-speaking population.
  • Plugs: In Jordan, the plugs have a voltage of 230V and 2-pin sockets.
  • Safety: Safety is a concern for some when visiting Jordan but I can say from my experience it is a safe destination overall. There is a high level of security in hotels, malls, and other places where you must go through a metal detector like at the airport. At first, this may seem alarming, but it is a measure put in by the government for increased safety for all.
  • Visa / Entrance Requirements: Most countries require a visa to enter Jordan. Being from Canada I was able to get my visa upon arrival and had the Visa fees waived because I had purchased the Jordan Pass.

Jordan Pass

The Jordan Pass is a complete sightseeing and entrance package for visitors to Jordan. It is not ideal for EVERYONE to buy as it depends on where you are from. If you are a visitor from a Western country then purchasing this pass BEFORE arrival will save you money during your visit.

The Jordan Pass provides free entrance to over 40 attractions in Jordan, a 1-day visit to Petra, and waves the entrance visa fees. The price for the smallest package (which is all you really need) costs 70JD (94.37€). Without the Jordan Pass, you will pay the visa fee of 40 JD (53.93€), and if you go to Petra 50 JD (67.41€). So even with just these two things you save money with the Jordan Pass.

For more information and to look into if this is right for you check out the Official Jordan Pass Website.

Petra Jordan
Petra Jordan

Best Time to Visit Jordan

The best time to visit Jordan is spring or fall.

The spring months of March-May and the fall months of September – November welcome a mild climate ideal for exploring. The summer can get very hot in Jordan, while the winter can get cold. Therefore, fall and spring are ideal for warm days where you can spend hours in the sun without it being too hot to fully enjoy.

How Long to Spend in Jordan

How long you spend in Jordan depends on your travel style.

You will need at least 4 days to see the highlights like Amman, Petra, Wadi Rum, and the Dead Sea. Most tours are 2 days so you can see quite a bit within this time, and do a quick 2-3 day visit if time is limited. However, to see more of the country 4+ days is best.

Petra Jordan
jordan Amman

What to Wear in Jordan

During my visit to Jordan, I found women dressed quite conservatively. Covering your arms and legs are pretty common and something I would suggest you adhere to in order to be respectful to the local customs and culture. Below are my staples for dressing in Jordan

  • loose flowy maxi/midi dresses
  • silks
  • silk button-ups to tie over dresses with no sleeves
  • maxi dress with sleeves
  • yoga pants

How to Get Around Jordan

The best way to get around Jordan is with a professional tour guide. The roads are best navigated by a professional who knows where to go and the best ways to get there.

Top Things to do in Jordan

This Jordan travel guide is your perfect landing place to learn about Jordan and branch off into more detailed posts.

A quick summary:

  1. Petra
  2. Petra by Night
  3. Wadi Rum
  4. Bedouin Camp
  5. Dead Sea
  6. Jerash
  7. Amman Citadel
  8. Amazing Local Food
  9. Aqaba
  10. Amman

Travel Insurance

Getting travel insurance before you travel is a MUST. It’s the number one thing you should always pack before travelling that can save you a lot of money, time, and stress. With how crazy travel has gotten recently you need that peace of mind that no matter what happens there is something protecting you from losing out. I always travel with travel insurance and think everyone should.

I always travel with travel insurance and think everyone should. Below is my favorite travel insurer Safety Wings, enter your details to get a free quote! 

Use this Jordan travel guide to plan your visit and make it as seamless as possible.

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Jordan Travel Guide
Jordan Travel Guide