10 BEST Puglia Tours | 5 Star Tours in Apulia

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Discover the 10 best Puglia tours below!

Puglia, also called Apulia, is one of Italy’s most beautiful hidden gems waiting to be explored. This captivating destination is known for its picturesque landscapes, rich history, and exceptional cuisine.

From the stunning Adriatic and Ionian coastlines to its charming towns with whitewashed buildings and olive groves, Puglia is a traveler’s paradise. But why should you consider taking a tour of this enchanting region?

Puglia’s beauty lies not only in its remarkable sights but also in its stories and traditions. A guided tour not only provides you with the opportunity to witness the region’s natural and cultural wonders but also offers an immersive experience.

Below are the best Puglia tours for you to enjoy!

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Polignano a Mare
Polignano a Mare

10 Best Puglia Tours

SHORT ON TIME? Here are the 3 best tours summarized:
⭐️ Apulian cooking class fresh pasta and focaccia
⭐️ Visit Alberobello, Monopoli, Polignano – Private tour from Bari
⭐️ Boat Tour of the Polignano a Mare Caves:

Best Puglia Tours for Food & Wine

👉🏻 Apulian cooking class fresh pasta and focaccia: This cooking class with Juanita will be the highlight of your trip. You will be welcomed with appetizers and champagne, setting the tone for a fantastic experience.

Then you will get the opportunity to learn how to make delicious fresh pasta and focaccia! Juanita’s informative and delightful teaching style makes the whole experience enjoyable.

👉🏻 Puglia Cooking class “Le orecchiette, che pasta!”: An amazing local cooking experience. Not only will you learn about Puglia cooking but also about its history.

👉🏻 Mozzarella Experience – Cheese Tour and tastings to Masseria Fragnite: This tour is a fantastic and intimate experience at a cheese farm in Puglia, Italy. Led by a knowledgeable family member, Daniela, who fluently speaks four languages, the tour offers a close look at the region’s culture and, of course, a delightful cheese tasting.

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Best Puglia Tours for Culture

👉🏻 Alberobello: History Walking Tour with Olive Oil Tasting: This tour offers an immersive Trulli experience, connecting visitors with local residents. Prepare for a richly informative journey through historical houses, culminating in a local product tasting.

👉🏻 UNESCO’s Alberobello and Matera from Bari: Embark on a captivating journey to the stunning cities of Alberobello and Matera, brimming with history and charm. This tour brings these UNESCO gems to life with guides full of positivity and profound knowledge.

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👉🏻 Lecce: Baroque Architecture and Underground Walking Tour: The city tour and underground component are highly impressive accompanied by an enthusiastic and knowledgeable guide. The tour concluded with an aperitif at a specialty shop, offering a personal touch to the experience.

Polignano a Mare

Best Puglia Tours for Must See’s

👉🏻 Boat Tour of the Polignano a Mare Caves: This tour is a delightful experience on the water, exploring the caves. The guides not only demonstrate excellent boat driving skills but also add a fun and engaging element to the journey. It is sure to be a memorable adventure, and the guides’ expertise and camaraderie are always 5-star.

👉🏻 Independent Tour to 4 Picturesque Towns of Salento: Otranto, Leuca, Gallipoli and Galatina: This tour is a super trip that offers a well-organized and informative exploration of Puglia. Stefano, the guide, ensures a seamless experience by confirming the pick-up details in advance. The itinerary covers the east, west, and south coasts, with ample time to wander and explore at each stop.

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Private Puglia Tours

👉🏻 Visit Alberobello, Monopoli, Polignano – Private tour from Bari: Discover the magic of Puglia with a captivating tour that takes you through the unique Trulli Village in Alberobello, where stone homes stand without mortar.

These architectural wonders tell a story of the region’s history. The journey continues to the stunning seaside towns of Monopoli and Polignano.

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👉🏻 Town of Puglia Day Tour: This tour with Beppe, the passionate guide, will be a trip highlight. Enjoy the old town of monopoli ostuni, polignano, alberobello (the trulli) and bari all in one day!

👉🏻 Charming Exclusive Customized tours with your real Apulian friend: This tour is a truly immersive experience led by Gabriele, a passionate and knowledgeable local guide. Gabriele’s deep insights and warm explanations make you feel like you’re visiting a friend, not just on a typical tour. The journey covers must-visit places like Alberobello and Polignano a Mare, with Gabriele as your expert navigator.

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Monopoli old town
Monopoli old town

Best Group Puglia Tours

👉🏻 Alberobello, Monopoli, Polignano Small-Group Day Trip from Bari: This tour offers amazing knowledge of the region. You will be chauffeured directly to each charming town, allowing ample time to savor every location without feeling rushed. A delightful lunch was enjoyed with fellow tourists before concluding the tour in Alberobello.

👉🏻 Full Day Tour by Car to Appulian Beauties: This tour is the perfect blend of ease and exploration. The driver and guide, Giancarlo, is exceptional. His friendly demeanor and enthusiastic responses to region-related questions add a personal touch to the journey. Hearing his story as a local is a bonus.

Best Puglia Tours from Bari

👉🏻 Matera & Alberobello Full Day Tour: This tour, expertly guided by Mihaela, offers a captivating journey through Matera and Alberobello. Rich historical insights and accommodating service make it a highly recommended and enriching experience.

What is the best base to tour Puglia?

The choice of the best base to tour Puglia depends on your travel preferences and the areas you want to explore. Here are a few popular options:

Bari: Bari, the capital of Puglia, is a convenient starting point. It has an international airport, making it accessible. From here, you can explore the region’s coastline and cities.

Lecce: Lecce is known as the “Florence of the South” for its stunning Baroque architecture. It’s a great base for exploring the southern part of Puglia.

Alberobello: This unique town is famous for its Trulli houses. It’s a charming base for exploring the Itria Valley and nearby attractions.

Polignano a Mare: For coastal charm, consider Polignano a Mare. It’s known for its dramatic cliffs and crystal-clear waters, making it ideal for coastal exploration.

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Ostuni: The “White City” of Ostuni is another excellent choice for a base. It’s centrally located and offers a taste of the region’s history and architecture.

Monopoli: Monopoli is a charming coastal town in Puglia, Italy. Its crystal-clear waters, historic center, and vibrant atmosphere make it a delightful destination for travelers seeking a taste of Mediterranean beauty.

Matera (in Basilicata): While not in Puglia, Matera is nearby and famous for its cave dwellings. It can serve as a unique base for exploring both regions.

💡 INSIDER TIP: All these places in Puglia are AMAZING. However, the very best place to base yourself is Monopoli. It is in the best place to reach the most day trips and destinations and has plenty of accommodation options.

Polignano a Mare
Food in Puglia

What is the nicest area to stay in Puglia?

Puglia offers a variety of charming areas to stay in, each with its unique appeal. The “nicest” area to stay in Puglia depends on your preferences and the type of experience you’re seeking:

  1. Alberobello: Known for its iconic Trulli houses, Alberobello is a picturesque and unique place to stay, offering a taste of traditional Puglian architecture.
  2. Lecce: Often referred to as the “Florence of the South,” Lecce is renowned for its stunning Baroque architecture, making it a great base for history and culture enthusiasts.
  3. Polignano a Mare: This coastal town is famous for its dramatic cliffs and crystal-clear waters, offering a romantic and scenic setting for your stay.
  4. Ostuni: Known as the “White City,” Ostuni is a historic town perched on a hill, offering a beautiful and authentic experience.
  5. Matera (in Basilicata): While technically not in Puglia, Matera is nearby and famous for its unique cave dwellings. It provides a distinctive and memorable place to stay.
  6. Gallipoli: Located on the Ionian Sea, Gallipoli offers beautiful beaches, historic charm, and vibrant nightlife.
  7. Bari: As the capital of Puglia, Bari provides the convenience of an international airport, a mix of historic and modern attractions, and access to the region’s transportation network.
  8. Monopoli: A beautiful coastal town with white-washed buildings and a more local, less touristy vibe.

The nicest area to stay in Puglia ultimately depends on your interests, whether it’s history, architecture, coastal beauty, or traditional charm. Puglia’s diverse offerings mean there’s an ideal area for every traveler.

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