10 Best Things to Do in Mount Fuji, Japan

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Discover the 10 best things to do in Mount Fuji and fall in love with Japan’s most iconic natural attraction.

Mount Fuji is one of Japan’s 3 sacred mountains and an active volcano everyone must visit while touring the country. Discover stunning trails, breathtaking views, and a serene atmosphere unlike anywhere else in the world. Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage surrounding the mountain, from temples to local traditions. Whether you’re seeking thrilling adventures or peaceful moments of reflection, Mount Fuji offers an enchanting experience that will leave you in awe.

Keep reading to discover the best things to do in Mount Fuji.

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10 Best Things to Do in Mount Fuji, Japan

Visit Chureito Pagoda

Chureito Pagoda
Chureito Pagoda

Chureito Pagoda is a symbol of tranquility in the Mount Fuji region. This iconic hilltop pagoda is surrounded by vibrant cherry blossoms (in the spring) and lush greenery. Visiting this five-story pagoda is one of the top things to do in Mount Fuji for a mesmerizing panoramic view of Mount Fuji.

Reach the pagoda’s observation deck, where you’ll be rewarded with a sight that seems straight out of a postcard. This was one of my favorite viewpoints in Mount Fuji.

Whether you visit during the cherry blossom season, when the landscape is bathed in hues of pink, or during autumn, when the autumn foliage is bright and vibrant, Chureito Pagoda promises an unforgettable experience.

Explore at Shimoyoshida Honcho Street

Shimoyoshida Honcho Street
Shimoyoshida Honcho Street

Sitting at the base of Mount Fuji in Japan, Shimoyoshida Honcho Street offers a blend of old and new. As you stroll along this vibrant street, you’ll find an abundance of local shops, quaint cafes, and traditional architecture. Exploring Shimoyoshida Honcho Street is easily one of the top things to do in Mount Fuji for a relaxing adventure with beautiful views.

One of the highlights of Shimoyoshida Honcho Street is the iconic pedestrian crossing, which offers one of the best views of the town and Mount Fuji in the background. Take in the sights and sounds of this lively neighborhood, as locals and visitors walk about, creating a vibrant energy that is uniquely Shimoyoshida.

Explore Fujiyoshida


Fujiyoshida is the most beautiful city located at the base on Mount Fuji that offers the perfect blend of natural beauty and cultural heritage. This charming town serves as a gateway to the wonders of the iconic mountain. Exploring this beautiful city is one of the top things to do in Mount Fuji.

While here, immerse yourself in the rich history and traditions of Fujiyoshida as you explore its quaint streets and historic landmarks. Visit Fuji Sengen Shrine, wander through traditional neighborhoods, and experience the warm hospitality of the locals.

Climb Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji is Japan’s highest peak standing at an impressive 3,776 meters (12,389 feet). This dormant volcano attracts climbers from around the world seeking an unforgettable experience.

Challenge yourself as you navigate the trails that wind their way up the mountain, passing through diverse landscapes of lush forests and volcanic terrain. Soak in the breathtaking panoramic views as you go higher, with each step bringing you closer to the summit.

As you reach the top, be rewarded with a stunning sight of the surrounding landscapes and true beauty of Japan. Climbing Mount Fuji is one of the top things to do in Mount Fuji for a rewarding and once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Visit the Fuji Five Lakes

Landscape of Mount Fuji at Lake Kawaguchiko, one of Fuji Five Lakes Area, Fujikawaguchiko, Yamanashi, Japan

The Fuji Five Lakes region offers a picturesque and calm escape from bustling city life. Made up of five stunning lakes – Lake Kawaguchi, Lake Yamanaka, Lake Saiko, Lake Shoji, and Lake Motosu – this area is a place of natural beauty and outdoor adventures.

Each lake has its unique charm, with scenic surroundings that change with the seasons. Take a leisurely stroll along the shores, rent a bicycle to explore the trails, or hop on a boat to cruise the crystal-clear waters. Capture postcard-perfect views of Mount Fuji reflected on the mirror-like surface of the lakes, creating a breathtaking backdrop.

Take a Lake Ashi Cruise

Mountain Fuji and Lake Ashi with Hakone temple and sightseeing boat in autumn

Experience the beauty of Lake Ashi with a Lake Ashi cruise. This offers a unique opportunity to explore the serene waters and take in the breathtaking views of the surrounding landscapes.

Step aboard a boat and set sail across the tranquil lake, surrounded by lush mountains and picturesque shores. As you sail through the calm waters, admire the stunning reflections of the iconic Mount Fuji on clear days, creating a postcard-worthy scene. This is one of the best things to do in Mount Fuji to admire the mountain from a new perspective.

Soak in Hot Springs

Outdoor hot-spring bath with the beautiful view of Mountain Fuji and Lake Kawaguchiko in Japan

Experiencing a traditional Japanese onsen (hot springs) near Mount Fuji is easily one of the most unique things to do in Mount Fuji. Unwind and rejuvenate your body and mind while enjoying the therapeutic benefits of the mineral-rich waters. All with one of the most breathtaking views sits in front of you!

Discover Oshino Hakkai

Oshino Hakkai, Japan with Mt. Fuji in the background.

Located at the base of Mount Fuji, Oshino Hakkai is a charming and historic village that offers a glimpse into the country’s rich cultural heritage. Known for its springs and traditional architecture, Oshino Hakkai is a must-visit destination for those seeking a unique and authentic experience.

Stroll through the village and immerse yourself in its peaceful ambiance, with its traditional thatched-roof houses and winding stone pathways. Marvel at the clear spring water that flows from the nearby mountains, creating a network of eight sacred ponds. Indulge in local delicacies and traditional snacks as you explore the village’s charming shops and eateries. Learn about the history and folklore of the area at the Oshino Hakkai Museum, which showcases artifacts and exhibits that tell the story of this unique place.

Take a Guided Tour

Experience the majestic beauty of Mount Fuji, Japan’s iconic symbol, on a guided tour that will take you on a remarkable journey to its summit. Joining a guided tour ensures a safe and hassle-free exploration of this magnificent mountain, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in its grandeur and natural wonders.

Your expert guide will lead you through the various stages of the climb, providing valuable insights into the mountain’s history, geology, and cultural significance. As you ascend, you’ll witness breathtaking panoramic views, passing through different vegetation zones and observing the unique flora and fauna that call Mount Fuji their home.

Attend a Fuji Shibazakura Festival

Pink moss field and Mt. Fuji with clear blue sky

If you visit in spring (April to May), don’t miss the Fuji Shibazakura Festival. The Fuji Shibazakura Festival is a dazzling display of millions of blooming shibazakura flowers blanketing the ground like a colorful carpet. During the festival, you can wander through the expansive flower fields and marvel at the stunning hues of pink, purple, and white as the shibazakura flowers create a mesmerizing landscape. The sight of Mount Fuji as a backdrop adds to the enchantment, creating a picture-perfect scene that will leave you in awe.

Capture stunning photos, enjoy a picnic amidst the blossoms, or simply take a leisurely stroll to immerse yourself in the serene atmosphere. The festival also features various food stalls and cultural performances, providing a complete experience for visitors of all ages.

Visiting the Fuji Shibazakura Festival is an opportunity to connect with nature and witness the breathtaking beauty that Japan has to offer. It’s one of the top things to do in Mount Fuji for flower enthusiasts, photographers, and anyone seeking an unforgettable and visually stunning experience.

When to Visit Mount Fuji

The best time to visit Mount Fuji largely depends on the activities you plan to do and your personal preferences. Here are a few considerations for each season:

  1. Spring (April to June): Spring offers mild temperatures and beautiful cherry blossoms around the base of Mount Fuji. It’s a great time for nature walks and photography. However, the mountain is still covered in snow, and climbing is not recommended during this season.
  2. Summer (July to September): Summer is the peak tourist season for Mount Fuji. The weather is generally warm and favorable for climbing, with the official climbing season running from early July to mid-September. The trails are open, and facilities such as mountain huts are available. However, it can get crowded, so be prepared for larger crowds.
  3. Autumn (October to November): Autumn brings cooler temperatures and stunning fall foliage around Mount Fuji. The mountain is generally less crowded during this time compared to summer. It’s a great season for hiking, enjoying the vibrant colors, and taking in the scenic beauty.
  4. Winter (December to March): Winter is cold and brings heavy snowfall to Mount Fuji. The mountain is typically not recommended for climbing during this season, but it offers breathtaking views of a snow-capped peak from the surrounding areas. It’s also a popular time for winter sports like skiing and snowboarding in nearby resorts.

Consider your preferred activities, weather conditions, and the level of crowds you’re comfortable with when deciding the best time to visit Mount Fuji.

Where to Stay in Mount Fuji

Consider your preferred activities, proximity to attractions, and the type of experience you’re seeking when choosing the best area to stay in Mount Fuji. Each area has its own unique charm and advantages, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of Mount Fuji from different perspectives.

  1. Lake Kawaguchi: Lake Kawaguchi is one of the most popular areas to stay near Mount Fuji. It offers stunning views of the mountain and a range of accommodation options, including hotels, guesthouses, and ryokans. This area also has various attractions and activities, such as boat rides on the lake, hot springs, and museums.
  2. Lake Yamanaka: Located on the eastern side of Mount Fuji, Lake Yamanaka offers a tranquil setting and beautiful views of the mountain. It is less crowded compared to Lake Kawaguchi but still provides a range of accommodation options, including lakeside resorts and traditional Japanese inns. Enjoy nature walks, fishing, and cycling around the lake.
  3. Fujinomiya: Fujinomiya is a city located on the southwestern side of Mount Fuji and serves as one of the starting points for climbing the mountain. It offers convenient access to the mountain and has a few accommodation options, including ryokans and hotels. Explore nearby attractions like Fujisan Hongu Sengen Taisha Shrine and Shiraito Falls.
  4. Gotemba: Gotemba is a city located at the foot of Mount Fuji and is known for its outlet shopping malls. It offers a more relaxed and less crowded atmosphere compared to the lakeside areas. Gotemba has a range of hotels and resorts, and it is a great base for exploring nearby attractions like Gotemba Premium Outlets and the Fuji Safari Park.

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10 Best Things to do in Mount Fuji
10 Best Things to do in Mount Fuji