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  1. I done a lot of Italy but Capri I haven’t and this is a dream destination for me. I cant wait to get there and your photos and information as got my lips wet at getting there sooner.

  2. Ooh the chairlift…I zeroed in on that immediately. I didn’t know there was one here and I love views from the top! I would definitely have to do that, go to Positano and eat all of the pizza, pasta, gelato and limoncello I could get my hands on!

  3. Thanks for this detailed guide. Never knew that there so much to do in Capri. I think my favorites are the chairlift to Monte Solaro and to hike Via Krupp. Great suggestions for day trips too, Positano looks stunning!

  4. I love the pastel colours of the town ! I hope it is not just your filters. Don’t wanna get disappointed when I’m there =p
    The chair lift looks abit scary, don’t you think ? I tried ski lifts like this but at least if I fall, it is a bed of powder snow at the bottom ? Maybe I’m thinking too much =p

  5. Oh my! What a gorgeous place to unwind and enjoy the beautiful views. So happy to hear there are budget-friendly options. I was afraid it was only for the rich and famous. Love the colors of the town and the food looks fantastic. I also recently heard of Sorrento and their famous lemons. Would love to go there too 🙂

  6. So happy to learn all this info about Capri! I would love to take the chairlift up to Monte Solaro, take the bus up to Anacapri and of course relax on the beach!

  7. Capri looks like a really stunning and dreamy place. I would love to do a boat tour and see the Blue Grotto. Also Capri town looks so chic with those pastel color buildings. I would love to relax while having some pizza and a glass of wine or maybe just relax on the beach. Sounds perfect!


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