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  1. I think I would spend much of my time at the Belgrade Fortress … wandering, watching the sunset as you did, perhaps a sunrise. The rest of the city looks very cool too, but that fortess … captures my imagination.

  2. I’ve not thought of going to Belgrade, but it looks like a lovely city with plenty to offer travellers. I really like the cobblestoned streets and some of the architecture. Good to know the city isn’t too pricey.

  3. I grew up in France and Serbia was part of Yugoslavia, behind the Iron Curtain so I didn’t know much about it… It’s more charming than I thought. I imagined a grey place full of communist-era buildings. But Skadarlija Street could be anywhere in the Mediterranean! Thank you for some great photos!

  4. Wow, I imagine you could spend a day or 2 at Belgrade Fortress Park with all there is to do, it even has a zoo. I think my favorite activity would be watching the sunset from the Fortress. Thanks for the tip of getting there early to ensure a nice spot.

  5. Those cakes!! <3 Belgrade sounds like a fascinating, more off-the-beaten-path European city. And it sounds like there are so many things to do and see there that definitely weren't on my radar! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I felt you had me sussed out when you talked about cafe culture and sunset from the fortress. Those are two of the things I would enjoy most. The sunset – and maybe sunrise too – would be perfection watching the colours change across the landscape. And then time to enjoy a coffee while watching the city go about its business; you learn so much about a place from those moments of observation.

  7. Wow, I have never really had Serbia on my radar before but after reading this, I’m definitely making a mental note to consider it for my next European trip! I love unique buildings so I’d be sure to visit both the Moscow Hotel and the Church of St. Sava. I’m also all about finding great food for low prices, so I’d probably try as many restaurants on Knez Mihailova as I could!

  8. Wow…Belgrade looks amazing! I was there back in the 80s but sadly, only in the airport. I’d love to explore the town, go cafe hopping…and have some of those yummy looking pastries from Mandarina Cake Shop!

  9. I’ve never been to Serbia, but it would be amazing to experience her history, culture, and architecture. Well, or so I thought until I saw those sweets at the Mandarina Cake Shop. Yum!


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