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  1. I can’t believe how many options there are! And yes, you are right, they did look healthier with heaps of vegetables (except a couple at the end!) but the birthday donuts at Bloomers looked aaaamazing!

    • Right?! I love all the options there are!
      The donuts are amazing, even better than nonvegan ones!

  2. Such an incredible group of restaurants! They all look wonderful. I’m so glad that you included a link to the menus. With a daughter with a nut allergy I always want to see the menu before we go. Being only a few hours away we’ll definitely check out a few of them on our next visit!

    • That’s great news! I’d love to hear what you think of them πŸ™‚
      Many are nut free too, which is great for your daughter.

  3. To be honest, we both love meat! Sorryyyy… but we also eat vegetarian quite often. There just aren’t many vegetarian restaurants here in Luxembourg, and we don’t always want to drive an hour to find one (and always the same one). If we lived in Toronto, where you can find so many vegetarian restaurants serving such beautiful and delicious dishes, we would definitely eat vegetarian more often. Next time we visit Toronto, we’ll definitely check out some of these restaurants. Thanks a lot for sharing this post!

    • That’s great to hear! As long as someone is open to vegetarian food it’s a great start πŸ™‚ Lots of people still think its just lettuce and water!
      Glad to hear you’ll try some out next time you’re in Toronto! You’ll love them I’m sure.

  4. There are lots of options for vegetarian and vegan food in Toronto! This is a very good sign for mainstream options then… Out of this list, Planta would be my pick, I love the fine detail with which the food is presented. Thank you for sharing this great list!

  5. I am a vegan, and this post is all what I need when visiting Toronto. Planta Burger is something I will be highly interested in along with Hibiscus cafe. Glad to know there are so many vegetarian options there.

  6. Of late, I have started enjoying fresh, organic grain bowls so much and that first picture is most tempting to me. All these restaurants are wonderful. Vegetarian food is so tasteful and there’s so much variety.

  7. I am vegetarian and therefore saving your post as I have plans to visit Toronto. I loved the colors of Oaxaca Bowl from Kuppert and Kim and also look very healthy option to start your meal.

  8. Your post is proof that vegetarian cuisine can be both delicious, incredibly diverse, and even photogenic! That’s really awesome that Toronto has so many options. Everything looks so colorful, but Live Organic Food Bar, Doomie’s, Planta Burger, and The Hogtown Vegan all look especially good to me. I’ve had vegan chicken and waffles before and really loved them, so your picture of them from Hogtown caught my eye right away!

    • Thank you for your sweet words! I love vegetarian food, and love to spread the word that it’s more than just lettuce!
      I’m sure you’d fall in love with the vegetarian options in Toronto if you ever tasted them.

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