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  1. Great post! I usually have AT LEAST 2 beavertails when I visit Canada lollll Poutine is my 2nd fav – we have Timmys in Michigan – but they dont sell the same stuff as the canada stores – they had vegan “impossible” sausage when I visited in August… which was extremely shocking, and pretty delicious.

  2. As a Canadian, I had to check this out to see if there is any food that I have not tried. I did not know these were all Canadian. I have never been a fan of ketchup flavoured potato chips. And did not realize you only got these in Canada. And since I don’t like spicy drinks, I am not sure I have ever had a Caesar. Our kids likes all the crazy varieties they have found. The rest I must admit to having consumed on many occasions. Especially really gooey butter tarts!

  3. Interesting food options in Canada, never knew of the variety. I am in love with the maple leaf glass bottles. It is an ideal food souvenir. Beavertails too sound good. The journey there sounds to be so belly satisfying.

  4. I wish I knew about Nanaimo Bars when I visited Vancouver. They look yummy. I love beavertails and have them whenever I visit Quebec? Have you had pudding chumeur from that region? So good!

  5. Thanks for introducing me to the best Canadian foods. The only one I’m familiar with is Tim Hortons, it’s available in the Philippines where I live. 🙂 The Caesar cocktail had me curious. It sounds like a meal turned into a drink! lol

  6. Putting on my Canadian hat (one with British roots) I do have to say that while ketchup chips are wildly popular and indeed considered a national snack in Canada, who created the first ketchup flavored (flavoured) chip is a subject of much debate. Indee, the ketchup chips were a Hostess brand attempt in the 1970s to capture the taste sensations of flavoured crisps (chips) widely available in the U.K. And as a young lad, I can attest to eating prawn cocktail and ketchup flavored crisps in the U.K. in the early 70s. So which came first? Hmmm, inquiring minds. What NO mention of beer eh? That is a national crime.

  7. I visited parts of Canada back in 1996, but that was a long time ago. I remember that we ate a lot of Asian food especially in Toronto, and perhaps also putin when we went to Quebec. But I don’t know what else I tasted back then. haha… Oh and our nephew who visited Canada last summer brought us maple syrup too. We still haven’t opened it but I guess it’s about time!

  8. I would love to go to Canada and one of those reasons is that I want to try the food. Poutine would be the first thing I would try and then the Caesars cocktail as it sounds so much like the bloody mary. I would be keen to compare them both. Between you and I, my mouth is watering now.

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