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  1. We had one day in Stockholm. We scrambled to a few spots in the drizzle. And were not dazzled because of the weather. Maybe if we had visited the Abba Museum we would have at least left tapping our toes. We did however find great coffee and a Fika stop. But we would definitely give the city a second try. It does look like there are lots of indoor spots to see too.

  2. Stockholm looks like the perfect city. I have not been there but I am impressed by how clean and new the buildings look. I also love the subway art installations. A visit to the Abba museum would be a must for me.

  3. We hesitated between Stockholm and Copenhagen a few years ago, and ended up visiting Copenhagen, which we liked a lot. So Stockholm is still on our bucket list. We’d love to see the subway art and of course the wonderful library, as we’re both book lovers! By the way, since we like exploring cities by foot, do you think it’s doable in Stockholm or better take the subway and/or taxi?

    • You can walk to a lot of the main attractions but a subway might be useful if you want to venture out to further places or to view the subway art. Taxies are really expensive in Stockholm so stay away from those if you can 🙂

  4. Facade of Gamla Stan look so similar to the ones I saw in Arras. 700 rooms! I am so keen to explore the palace now. The City library looks amazing! Amazing display of books! Great place to spend a vacation. Hope it happens soon for me.

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