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  1. One day in Lisbon was not enough for us. We were back into Lisbon several times the year we spent 4 weeks in Portugal. Although we did miss the Pink Street! You certainly saw a lot on your visit. So many great memories of this lovely city.

  2. I was only in Lisbon for a very short time and was mainly stuck in the modern part of the city so I kind of hated it. But it looks like you hit the perfect areas of the original city and that is a trip I would like to try when we return. I love all the cool view points you found like at St. George Castle or that cool looking Santa Justa Lift. To be honest, I would probably wait and pay the 5Euros just to check it out.

  3. Your pictures are so clean and bright, Sam. We went in October and got grey skies a couple of times, but loved how Lisbon just lights up under blue skies. Such an underrated city.

  4. So much beauty in Lisbon!! I’ve never been however my sister visited and absolutely loved the architecture. I’d love to visit and walk through the streets of the Alfama District. I enjoy historic areas with narrow alleyways and cobblestone streets.

  5. The Pink Street surely looks vibrant and inviting. I wonder who came with the idea to paint the street with that color. It really worked well with so many tourists go there. I like how the old buildings look like and there are ones with colors here and there. However, I found the buildings in the city are too close each other.

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