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  1. Your blog brought back some memories of visiting there. It was nice to see the city from your perspective and camera lens. We saw the same attractions, even dined at Villa Richter and enjoyed those amazing panoramic view. But, I never had the Tredelnik filled with ice cream- how did I miss that?

  2. I so loved reading this post and seeing all your photos as I’ve wanted to go to Prague forever. These are all great suggestions for a great experience. After seeing that chimney cake I think that might be the first thing I want to do! Saving!

  3. Prague has been on my list for so long – – I’ve bookmarked this post for when I finally visit. This looks like a great itinerary to follow, and I love the idea of sipping wine on the terrace with that view from the castle. Plus, I didn’t know you could get chimney cakes with ice cream in them – can’t wait to try it.

  4. I think this is the most comprehensive and perfect itinerary of Prague I have ever seen! Your photos are amazing too. I missed out on visiting Prague in my last Euro trip but hopefully I can make it next time!

  5. Prague is on my list of most visit places. I think my favorite things to be would be the old town square and the Havelsky Market. I love you post and all your tips.

  6. The Havelsky market looks AMAZING! I’ve visited Prague recently, but missed a fair amount of awesome things you’ve pointed out in your article. I didn’t get to visit any of these nightlife spots, but I’m going to be all over this next time I visit!

  7. That’s interesting to hear that Prague is small enough to do in a weekend. I feel like I’ve read other blogs and articles that have made the city seem massive and impossible to see in just a few days. I really like your suggestion to explore on foot for a bit to see some quieter neighborhoods; that’s usually how I find my favorite spots while exploring a new city. I’d be sure to check out the Astronomical Clock and have myself one of those chimney cake ice creams, too. Yum!

  8. I feel good knowing I did all of these things when I was in Prague for a few days a few years ago. And your photo of the ice cream brings back delicious memories! Now I’m craving a Trdelnik!

  9. Prague is one of my favorite city in Europe due to lovely architecture and vibrant city squares. You are absolutely correct that spending a weekend in Prague is the perfect amount of time to get a taste of the city but then also Prague needs some more time as it has so much to do.

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