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  1. So many great places to go in the winter, I think my favorites would be to see the northern lights in Norway. I also love Edinburgh, its my family and my favorite places to go. I imagine in winter in Edinburgh is beautiful.

  2. All great suggestions but as a European who does a lot of traveling in Europe, I would say ANYWHERE in Europe is still worth a visit even if it’s
    -25 like my second home city of Riga, Latvia. It makes exploring much more fun. But on this list, the Northern Lights is the best thing to see. They are so amazing!

  3. We’ve visited a few of these places during wintertime and absolutely loved it, especially Copenhagen! It was freezing cold, we enjoyed the hygge culture there! For this coming December, I hesitated between Vienna and Venice, and finally decided to visit Venice. I know that it’s best to go during the Carnavale in February, but let’s hope it will be good too to go in December!

  4. What a fabulous list of winter destinations that has inspired me to add a few to my winter travels bucket list. It is always fun to travel off-season with fewer crowds, bundle up a bit and explore. My top picks? It’s a tough choice…Copenhagen and Vienna!

  5. I always struggle with travelling in winter due to the poor light, it’s not as good for photos. Out of this list, my pick would be Venice. As it’s quite urban, it’s perfect for winter and there would be far less tourists too…

  6. I never thought to visit Europe during winter but it would be great to visit Europe during winter as all places look stunning after reading your post. Seville and Lisbon looks great place to visit as during summer they are very expensive and crowded and so it would be great to visit these places for affordable holidays.

  7. Such a wonderful list of beautiful European cities. My top pick would be Borovets, Bulgaria or Slovenia. So much beauty in all of them. Copenhagen is one of my favorite European cities but I had never imagined it in winter. Thanks for sharing a fun list with great bloggers.

  8. Fantastic list! There´s really somthing so magical about Christmas markets and entire towns out and about with the Christmas spirit and fairy lights. Two of my favourite Christmas destinations in Europe are Dublin and Dubrovnik, though I´m hot blooded and usually opt for the Canary Islands or somewhere sunny!

  9. I love Europe in the Winter! Low season is the best and I have many, many trips during that time of year! You’ve got a great list here, some I have not been to so I better get planning for this winter!

  10. Appreciating the time and effort you put into your website and in depth information you offer. All beautiful places across the Europe to plan and visit in winter, especially the most useful information for someone who plans the vacation and the travelers to add these places into the checklist. A stupendous photography. Thanks for sharing!

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