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  1. Montenegro looks like such a cool place to visit. I had never heard of most of these places, but they look stunning. I’d really like to visit Our Lady of the Rocks and the Blue Caves!

  2. This is so useful, we just starting campervanning adventure in Balkans and Montenegro was on our list to visit – now I want to go there even more

  3. Montenegro looks like a beautiful place to visit. I think my favorite think would be the Ostrog Monastery I have never been to a Monastery in cliffs, it looks fascinating. If you only had a couple of days what would be your top thing to see?

  4. So many places to see in Montenegro! It looks as though it’s really quite well preserved… I especially like the Ostrog Monastery, what an intriguing building… Love your photography by the way!

  5. Montenegro is high on our bucket list! Maybe we’ll go there next summer, because now that we’ve read your post we want to visit this country even more! Both Kotor and Budva are lovely, and the Blue Caves are definitely a must! Thanks for inspiring us.

  6. It all looks so good and was already on my bucket list, but the Lady on the Rocks and the monastery looks really cool. My first stop would be Kotor Old Town though. Yacht club…sign me up!

  7. I’ve just begun researching a trip to Croatia and you have me wondering if we should go here instead. I’ve seen pictures of the Monastery but never knew where it was located. This sounds amazing!

    • It is so close to Croatia you could go to both! However, I prefer Montenegro because it is less busy and (arguably) more beautiful 🙂

  8. You are definitely right about Montenegro being relatively undiscovered; I only knew it by name until now and learned so much from reading your post! While Kotor looks great, there’s something about Budva that entices me. The blue caves also look amazing and I’m sure it’s even better without overbearing crowds.


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