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  1. The handy map provides quite the reference for all of these photo ops and your orange presets add to the Dutch allure. I never would have expected the library or botanical garden would have been so photogenic, yet they are very beautiful.

  2. I like Amsterdam and been there several times (and come away with Open Wallet Surgery). However when the streets are quiet then the city is a great place for photography but when it hits 7am, the place is buzzing with commuters and tourists. Then it sucks. 😀 (In a good way I suppose, but for a photographer, it sucks). Love your photos.

  3. I think your photo editing can make any location in the city picture-worthy!! I still haven’t been to Amsterdam but it looks like such a beautiful city. Thank you for the great tips!

  4. These are amazing suggestions. The best part is there are no tourists in all these places.. lol.. I have many photos of the places you have suggested, without me in them.. Instagram was not so popular when i visited almost years ago! I would love to go back though 🙂

  5. The fall scene at Het Brillenpalais really is beautiful! The gingerbread houses are also such a classic photo op and I love botanical gardens too. Seems like I gotta plan a visit to the Netherlands next! Bookmarked <3

  6. Oh lovely, such a unique blog. I thought I am the only one to search for good photo spots before heading for a trip. I definitely want one of my pics with Westerkerk and Amsterdam bridge.

  7. These are all such beautiful spots! I love that you included some of the city’s most famous as well as your own lesser-known favorites. By the way, you are an expert at getting awesome pics without other people in the background!

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