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  1. So glad to see G’s made the list – it’s a knockout for breakfast/brunch. It’s our go to when we visit Amsterdam.

  2. Wow ! That’s a long list ! Bookmarking this for the next time I visit Amsterdam ! For now, I’m craving a nice warm sticky Stroopwaffel ! =p

  3. I done quite a few of these as I have done many drinking weekends in the ‘Dam but I remember doing Ted’s. I may have done a few other places on this list but with a major hangover, I wasnt taken in the name of the places and was just shoveling food down my throat. God I love Amsterdam 🙂

  4. I’m so sad I didn’t have this post before I went to Amsterdam (for the second time) in April. I would have LOVED to have tried Pluk for the unicorn bowl and Ree7 for red velvet pancakes! I also like The Pancake Bakery. I’ve gone on both trips to Amsterdam. I like the Happy Pig Pancake Shop too. Amsterdam just flat out has fantastic food!

  5. Benji’s it is then!Brunch is my favourite these days, even more so than going out for dinner. Seriously, I would love to try all of these (just to confirm that your assessment is accurate of course!!) What a wonderful project – sampling all the brunch possibilities in a city like Amsterdam. I may have to do this in my home town, although I don’t think there will be so many tantalising options here.

  6. Two years spent tasting all the restaurants just so you could come up with the perfect list for “The Best Brunch Amsterdam”? 😉 That is some serious foodie dedication and such a hard job! NOT. LOL. Honoring the clear research and effort, I have to believe then that Benji’s is the place to dine … but then there is Coffee and Coconuts. Hmmm … decisions decisions.

  7. All these brunch cafes and restaurants look so amazing – aesthetics as well as food! I love how you have categorized them area wise so it is easy to pick the nearest one.

  8. Each of the dishes looks divine and I am wishing I was in Amsterdam right now, deciding which one to taste first. Food is always a big attraction for me, specially while travelling and good food makes every beautiful day even more beautiful.

  9. Oh my god, I love that this is all about brunch! I love your photos, your description and it totally makes me want to go there right now! So hard to choose which ones I would want to definitely check out, there are far too many great options! I am loving the vibe of Bamboa, and you had me at Vegan bowl. I am saving this one, and seriously thinking about going here next trip!

  10. Big fan of Little Collins.As an Aussie We have brunched with these guys in NYC and it immediately felt like we had popped home for a few hours. So pleased to see they are in Amsterdam too now. I am not a pancake fan so their style bunch suits me best. Plenty of other great breakfast options for us to check out next. Thanks!

  11. Dragon Bowl & Cotton Candy Shake? Hey now. That sounds fantastic! You’ve got me intrigued, for sure. 😉
    G’s Really Nice Place has a cool name and I would definitely want to stop in for the photo worthy Bloody Marys.

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