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  1. It is always great to read about ways to see a city on a budget. Amsterdam certainly seems like one of those spots where there is so much to see outside. And good to know that an Amsterdam Card is a good option for saving money on other attractions. I love when I can find a free walking tour to get a view through the eyes of locals. Especially in off season when the streets are a little less crowded.

  2. You’ve shared some great tips, like taking the train from the airport instead of a taxi. The one thing I love about Amsterdam is that there are so many things you can do for free, all of which you recommended, and it is all within walking distance. With the exception of dining, accommodations and museums- there is so much that is free.

  3. I have only visited Amsterdam airport in transit so I would like to go back and explore the city in much more depth. It’s good to know that there are ways to experience the city without shelling out big bucks. Too often we get caught up in the ‘must-do’ tour and forget that a simple bike ride or canal cruise brings its own rewards.

  4. I have never visited Amsterdam, but I will use this article when I do. I love to travel to Europe in the off season, so I would probably choose to go in October and walk the canals, take a boat tour and walk the city to see the sites.

  5. What a useful guide! I do love exploring inexpensively haha. I’d love to visit the flower market, and wander the canals. Amsterdam looks so beautiful!

  6. Thank you for this great travel guide to Amsterdam! I’ve yet to visit the city but I can alr imagine how beautiful it can get during the tulip season!

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