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Amsterdam Airport to City Center: 3 Best Ways

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Getting from Amsterdam airport to city center can be done in quite a few ways. All of which have their own pros and cons which I will outline in this article.

Everyone who flies into Amsterdam with fly into Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam’s only airport. This is one of the busiest airports in Europe and you will likely experience a very long taxi from the runway to your gate and another long walk to baggage and out. After all this waiting and walking many people are eager to begin their adventure in Amsterdam and want to go from the Amsterdam airport to the city center as fast as possible.

From experience, the first time you arrive in Amsterdam will be overwhelming. There are so many people and the airport is huge. It is easy to just think a taxi is the only way and everything else is too confusing to consider, but be sure to look at all your options to save you money in the long run.

Here are the 3 ways to get from Amsterdam Schiphol to the city center.

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Amsterdam Airport to City Center

By Uber or Taxi

  • Pros: Quick, Easy
  • Cons: Expensive

Taking an Uber or Taxi from the airport to the city center is by far the most expensive way to get from the airport to Amsterdam’s core. Prices for Ubers are often €30 or more and prices for a taxi can be over €80. Many people arrive feeling like they have to arrive as fast as possible to the city center and quickly get in a taxi or Uber, in turn wasting a lot of money as getting around this way is very expensive in Amsterdam. More so, this is not the quickest way to go into Amsterdam. The trains have no traffic and a clear route and are often much faster!

However, if you want to go directly to your accommodation this is the best option. When people bring lots of luggage and don’t want to walk from Central Station to their accommodation or don’t want to take another form of public transportation, an Uber might be best.

When you are travelling back to the airport to head home from your trip an Uber or Taxi may be the best option if you have an early flight. This is because trains only start running at 6 AM and there are very few during this time.

By Bus

  • Pros: Cheap
  • Cons: Slow

Taking a bus from Amsterdam airport to the city center is one of the beast popular ways to travel between them. Busses are often the cheapest mode of transportation but they take the longest. With multiple stops and limited seating, this is an option that is not ideal. However, if your accommodation is in a very specific spot that is not near one of the few train stops a bus may bring you closer and be a better option!


  • Pros: Quick, Cheap, Easy
  • Cons: Might be confusing at first

Taking a train from Amsterdam airport to the city center is the best way to go between the airport and the city. It is fast, cheap, and super enjoyable. There are also trains running constantly to all different parts of the city so even if you are staying in a different area you can often find a train that will bring you. A train ticket from the airport to Amsterdam Central Station is €5 and takes around 10 minutes.

With all the different train platforms and ticket machines, it can be confusing to some tourists. However, there are info counters right near the trains where you can ask for help and they will guide you.

IAmsterdam City Card

The number one thing you need when travelling in Amsterdam is an IAmsterdam City Card. This card gives you free access to all public transport, world-class museums and more!

Amsterdam airport to city center

Getting from Amsterdam airport to the city center is much easier than it appears to be. You can easily plan out the best journey for you before arrival by using Google Maps and planning your route based on transit.

If you feel confused at the airport there are also people all around that are more than happy to help! If you have any questions for me I’m more than happy to help!

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