5 Best Restaurants in Santorini

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Discover the 5 best restaurants for the best dining experiences on the island.

While you may know Santorini for its breathtaking views and historical villages, did you know it’s also one of the top gastronomy destinations in the world? With everything from traditional fava, to roasted lamb and elaborate octopus dishes, this famous Greek Island has no shortage of unique flavours to choose from. These tasty dishes will have you booking a return trip before you’ve even left the island.

So, what restaurants should you check out while you’re in Santorini? Read on to uncover the five best restaurants in Santorini that will not disappoint. 

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5 Best Restaurants in Santorini

Metaxi Mas

Kamari beach at sunrise - Santorini

Want to taste and indulge in the best Greek fusion dishes on the southeastern part of Santorini? Then Metaxi Mas should be at the top of your list. Enjoy authentic food with a twist on the gorgeous hillside patio while you take in the breathtaking panoramic Kamari Beach views. There’s always a lineup of people out the door, so make sure to make a reservation to guarantee your preferred spot.

Not only do they have some of the freshest seafood and meat in Santorini, but they also have a variety of vegetarian dishes to try — all at affordable prices. Some of their signature dishes include the pomegranate salad, shrimp saganaki, and the lamb with yogurt. 

Le Ciel

Le Ciel is one of the most romantic and famous restaurants in Santorini. With stunning views of the Grecian shore, this fine dining restaurant is perfect for vacationers looking for a luxury culinary experience. 

The dreamy venue makes for a romantic spot for weddings, anniversaries, and special occasions of any kind — or to simply cross off tasting their famous stuffed calamari from your bucket list. They get their meat delivered fresh from Crete and their seafood is caught right in the Aegean Sea. The experience is unforgettable — just be sure to snag your reservation well ahead of time.


Tucked away in Fira, Argo’s traditional dishes will take you on a true culinary journey. Nothing beats sipping wine on a terrace with views of the caldera, especially when coupled with Greek comfort food, like the renowned honey shrimp pasta and truffle pizza. On the other hand, if you’re in the mood for something more gourmet, then be sure to try their signature fava beans with octopus or the seafood with ouzo sauce. For dessert, you won’t want to pass up their homemade orange soufflé!


If you’re looking for delightfully simplistic Greek dishes at a great price point then Anogi is an excellent choice. But they offer much more than just incredible cuisine — their warm hospitality and attentive staff make this restaurant one of the best in Santorini. 

So, what are some of the top dishes on the menu? With roasted octopus that’s cooked to perfection and lamb shank that’s so tender that it melts in your mouth, it can be hard to choose just one dish. Why not order several for the table to share? Just don’t forget to ask for an extra side of their house sauce! 

Parea Tavern

If you’re in the mood for a more laidback spot with unique dishes and an extensive wine list, check out Parea Tavern in Fira. You may not have a view of the sea, but their portions and prices make it one of the best eateries in Santorini. Plus, their warm and welcoming hospitality is unmatched. 

Some say their appetizers, or mezedes, are the star of the show — especially the green cheese and tomato meatballs. As for the entrées, you can’t go wrong with the seafood platter, for a variety of different flavors that will delight your palate. Another classic is the freshly grilled seabream that’s served with seasonal vegetables.

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It’s time to start your culinary journey in Santorini

This list of the best restaurants in Santorini should set you up to create a truly unforgettable experience on one of the most beautiful islands in the world — there’s something for everyone. Enjoy your stay as you taste some of the most incredible Mediterranean cuisines, whether you’re there for a few days or a few weeks.



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