5 Best Croatia Waterfalls

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Discover the 5 best Croatia waterfalls for the ultimate water-filled holiday.

Croatia is one of the world’s most beautiful countries. Known for its scenic beaches, great hiking trails and non-pareil mountainscape, it also stands out thanks to its unrivalled waterfalls. Pack up your bags and head to see the enchanting splendour of these wet nature marvels. Here is a list of the top five waterfalls to visit in Croatia. 

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5 Best Croatia Waterfalls

Plitvice Lakes National Park

Plitvice waterfalls

Named a UNESCO World Heritage site, Plitvice is a cluster of lakes that stands out for their mesmeric attraction. It is Croatia’s largest national park, covers over 296.85 square kilometres and is great for hiking. 

Its main natural marvels are 16 lakes that feature waterfalls with water of different colours: azure, green or blue, impacted by minerals in water and the position of the sun. 

Pay a visit to Veliki Slap, the highest of all the Plitvice Lakes National Park’s waterfalls, situated on the Korana River near Plitvice Selo, where you can see a beautiful cascade, encircled by lush greenery. Also worth a visit is Pevalekovi Slap, situated in the same nature reserve. 

Note that Plitvice is one of Europe’s most unique waterfall areas and nature sanctuaries so admission here will cost you as much as 300 kunas per adult and 250 if in a group during the high season. 

Rastoke Waterfalls

Rastoke waterfalls

Rastoke area is one of a kind area renowned for its paradisiac waterfalls. Here you can take delight in the fresh currents of falling water, and gaze at their tranquil flow. It is traversed by two rivers, the Korana and Sluznice that make you enamoured with the serene perfection of nonpareil Croatian naturescape. 

The entrance to Rastoke Waterfalls is not free, and the price of entrance varies according to the season, with a trip here during the warmer months of August and July setting you back 180 kunas. 

Skradinski Buk

Krka waterfalls

Situated in Krka National Park, on the Krka River, the two cascades of Skradinski Book are surrounded by Europe’s densest lavender growth per square km. It is due to this that they boast a lot of bees and wasps. Keep in mind that apart from it, Skradinski Book also features great swimming spots, and is located just 13 km downstream from Roski Slap, another Croatian water enigma, making it one of the best places to visit in Croatia. 

Keep in mind that Skradinski Book is part of Krka National Park, and you have to pay for entrance to the reserve. Note that the area has a lot of comfortable hotels and properties for rent, like Hotel Skradinski Buk, or Boutique Room Mirabilis. 

Roski Slap Waterfalls

Roski slap is big waterfall in Krka national park, Croatia

Known for its great cascades, a soul-soothing cave, and a great wooden walkway so pleasant to tread, Roski Waterfalls is one of the best places to visit if you travel to Croatia with children. 

Also located on the Krka River, the waterfalls are not just known for their great natural marvels but also a splendid rural cafes, and boat tours. Head here to revel in the great family adventure and tranquil ambiance of a nature escapade. 

Bear in mind that just like Skradinski Book Roski Waterfalls are also part of Krka National Park so admission has to be paid, as well.

Zarecki Krov Waterfall

Beatiful waterfall in Pazincica river, Zarecki krov in Istra. Pazin, Croatia, Europe

The gorgeous 30-feet cascade is a one-of-its-kind nature marvel, where one can not only succumb to the unrivalled force of nature as exemplified by the mass of water falling into a pellucid pool, but also where one can picnic, go hiking, and even swim and take delight in a veritable communion with nature. 

Situated near Pazin in Croatia on the Paznica River, it is known for its beautiful landscape and is a great spot to explore Croatia on foot. 

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