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  1. Iceland is one place on my list that I have not been able to visit yet. The Blue Lagoon looks beautiful and relaxing, but I think I would love getting out to nature. I love Hiking… I wonder if 3 days is enough time to do some hiking?

    • It depends on how you spend your time and budget your time 🙂 if hiking is a must you can definitely fit in three days!

  2. I totally love Iceland, I spent a week there in the winter and it wasn’t enough. I only did the capital, a couple of day trips away from the area (including the golden circle). However I think I did spend five hours in the blue lagoon…do you think that was too long in the middle of winter? Cant wait for a return trip and do a road trip on the ring road. Great post for those first timers wanting to hit up the viking island.

  3. Your Iceland itinerary sounds perfect. I would love to follow this when I go to Iceland. It really has pushed it up my bucket list. I didn’t know the blue lagoon has silica in it which gives it the milky blue colour, not to mention the health benefits everyone goes there for. The waterfalls are also spectacular. Great post. Saving it.

  4. Iceland is definitely a dream destination of mine, even though in recent years more and more people fly there. My dream there, if not able to ride, to discover the island with an Icelandic horse. But I think such a visit to the thermal bath would also like me.

  5. I love the little bit of Iceland I’ve seen…it’s awesome! I concur with your review of the Blue Lagoon – even though it’s super-popular, it’s a great place to visit. We didn’t get into the water, but still enjoyed the visit and experiencing the area. I also liked getting to see Gullfoss – so beautiful! I’m going to Pin this for future reference in the event that I am ever able to return to Iceland.

  6. Wow what a detailed itinerary and as it is my dream destination, I would surely go with your suggestion. Relaxing in Blue Lagoon tops my itinerary for Iceland. Even the Gulfoss falls look very stunning. Thanks for sharing all tips and information.

  7. Iceland looks really wild and beautiful! We’d love to travel there to see icebergs, geysers, volcanoes and the blue lagoon. And your 3 days itinerary seems perfect! But a few months ago I went to a conference, where a professor from Iceland’s Ministry for the Environment and Natural Resources explained how much destruction tourism has caused in Iceland. I hope the government will limit the number of daily tourists, or find another solution to preserve the country’s beauty.

  8. You’ve packed an incredible amount into those three days. I get entirely what you mean about stopping off regularly just to check out something beautiful and alien. That’s a spectacular pic of the glacier too; it looks like marble. I’d have to stop at the black sands beach and see the basalt columns.

  9. Wow, you’ve covered a lot in just three days! It makes me think an Iceland city break is actually possible and worth it. The only thing I’d change would be to finish with the Blue Lagoon, to finally relax and catch our breaths before heading back home 🙂

  10. Hi Samantha It was pleasure reading your article got a brief about Iceland and I can plan my trip very soon with the help of your itinerary, will also share in friends circle and family for their reference.

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