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  1. I was able to visit Vienna with my dad many years ago. I wish I know about the National Library. I love books and it is stunning. Where does Eastern Europe officially start?

  2. Wow, what a great list of things to do in Vienna. The architecture there is amazing, I love how ornate the National Library is.

  3. Oh what great memories this brings back of Vienna. The architecture did keep us looking up at all times. We saw a lot of the buildings from the outside but did not get inside. Some were too busy. And others like the St Stephens Cathedral had just small sections available to visitors. But we sure did eat a lot of Viennese pastries. My chocoholic hubby had more than one piece of Sachertorte! There are several places you visited that we missed. So time to plan a return visit. We certainly found public transit a great way to get around.

  4. I cannot get over Vienna’s absolutely stunning architecture. Oh my word!! I still haven’t made it there but it’s very high on my list – I have a childhood friend living there for work right now and I definitely want to visit him while he’s there! Top of my itinerary would be St. Stephen’s and the National Library. I’ve had sachertorte, but obviously not in Vienna, so I’d need to fix that too – yum!!!

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