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  1. Such a comprehensive review, we haven’t been to Porto but I’m totally spellbound by how amazingly pretty it is. There is so much history you could wander for days and still not see it all.

    I’m definitely putting Porto on the list for when we finally make it to Europe.

  2. Porto looks really beautiful and interesting. I’m not a Harry Potter fa, never read the books or watched the movies, but I love the blue tiles on the walls of the church. I would go just for that! And that sunset is amazing!

  3. Such a great guide that I pinned for later. I visited Portugal this past March and tried to get to Porto but just didn’t have time. But hope to in the future. I think you hit on all the main highlights, but hadn’t thought of doing the boat tour, and think it would be a great way to see the beautiful city. Is the market along The Riberia on a certain day?

  4. Loved your 2 days itinerary for Porto as you have covered all the beautiful and major attractions here. Starting the day from Majestic cafe which is one of the oldest and very quirky must be my choice too. Igreja Paroquial de Santo Ildefonso looks stunning and very photogenic place. Thanks for sharing a detailed list.

  5. I don’t know why but blue tiles has always enticed me. I’ve seen similar ones in Turkey and I absolutely wanted to see these too in Porto. Also a Harry Potter fan so all the more I should see Porto!

  6. I LOVE Porto. Some of these places were closed when I was there the day after Easter though, like the Majestic and the Porto Cathedral! Guess that just means I’ll have to go back another time 😛

  7. We often walk into train stations, libraries, and other office buildings even if we have no intention of taking a train, checking out a book or conducting business simply to see amazing architecture … like the famous tiles you showed. We have seen so many photos of that train station. Must see it for ourselves soon. That, and sample as much port as humanly possible.

  8. Porto looks like a beautiful place to visit, I’ve just added it to my suitcase list! I never knew that J K Rowling was here for a while when she was writing Harry Potter but I bet more people visit now because of that fact. The churches and fountains looks so pretty.

  9. This confirms my plan to visit Lisbon and Porto next, especially since my hubby is a wine lover. A perfect itinerary for two days and maybe two for Lisbon and a day trip to Camino.

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