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  1. I recently visited Amsterdam for the first time and would love to go back and explore the other areas of the Netherlands. Giethoorn sounds so beautiful and I bet it’s well worth the travel as it looks so picturesque!!! I also would love to see all those Tulips when they are in season.

  2. We have seen very little of the Netherlands. So good to read this list of places we would want to add to our Netherlands itinerary. Delft sounds like a delightful small town. I like that it is not visited as much as other places. Rotterdam sounds like it would be a real contrast with its more modern architecture. I had to smile when I saw that Geithoorn us referred to as the Venice of the north. So many towns claim they are Venice-like. Hubby spent time in Utrecht and has always wanted to go back. So that would go on the list. Looks like we may need some time to explore all of these gems. Good to know that the train is a good option for exploring.

  3. While I love every place I’ve ever visited in the Netherlands, #8 on this list is near and dear to my heart. I lived in Maastricht for nearly four years, and it was one of the most memorable experiences of my life! Fun fact: did you know the Maas River is the oldest river on earth?

  4. I done a few of these places on this post as I am a regular visitor to Nederland and I love them! Kinderdyk, Rotterdam, Den Haag, amazing places. But the next one on this list for me is Haarlem which I am hoping to visit on my next trip to Amsterdam and cant wait to wander down those cobble streets.

  5. We all think about Netherlands and think Amsterdam, and there are so many beautiful places beyond Amsterdam. My main surprise while exploring small villages was how flat it was everywhere

  6. I visited Amsterdam and Rotterdam last year. I really liked Rotterdam in particular.
    I visited Zwolle over 20 years ago. However, we were there to play field hockey and I did not see more than the sports field. Maybe you should catch up.

  7. Since Delft has beautiful canals and old buildings and architecture, but doesn’t attract many tourists that is high on my radar for an upcoming visit. Same for Zwolle … less tourists has me smiling. 😉 Maastricht is also interesting because any place that is a university town is worth visiting in my book…fun!

  8. I’m really hoping to see the tulips at Keukenhof next year so great timing that I’d discovered your guide! Delft totally sounds up my alley with it being less touristy, but Amsterdam is an obvious must-see. Love the fun houses at Rotterdam too! It’s reassuring to know that most people speak English. Also, great tip about having cash! I always forget to exchange enough hahaa.

  9. I loved reading about some beautiful places to visit in Netherlands. I have heard and read lots about Amsterdam and Rotterdam but some of the places which you have mentioned are very unique for me. I loved Gietherhoon as it is a very charming and peaceful village. Volendam too looks beautiful.


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